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5 Tips To Help You Look Good for a Corporate Headshot for Your Business

submitted on 27 October 2020 by
Looking for a new business or corporate headshot for a profile, CV or a LinkedIn profile and not sure how to make most of it as well as what photographer to turn to? If yes, then read on and we might have some useful tips to help you to get ready for your professional corporate photography session.

1. Book a professional corporate photographer
Make sure you book a professional corporate photographer who specialises on corporate photography rather than pets, products or babies. They will probably take a nice photo but may not be able to encapsulate your brand through a great business headshot.

Once your photographer heard your brief will also be able to recommend you the best type of environment, i.e. outdoor business landscape in the background, office background or plain studio background. Have a good look at their portfolios and get in touch with some quotes but remember cheapest does not mean the best unless you don't mind of having a re-shoot with another photographer that you have not chosen initially because of the price.

2. What do you want your headshot for and how do you want to use them?
What do you want to use your headshots for? Is it a personal profile, CV, press publication or a LinkedIn profile? Remember that it is important to have an initial idea and communicate it to your photographer as one size does not fit all. For example, if you are looking for headshot for your LinkedIn profile then make sure you keep the background of the image clean.

Also think if you want your images in colour or black in white. Having all in colour and simply asking photographer to convert it into black and white will not do. To ensure the image looks professional it will take time to apply the right type of processing on the black and white images as well as on the colour images. Both processing methods will not be the same and therefore will take ore time for your photographer to do. Therefore, please keep in mind that if done professionally there most likely will be charge for converting and post-processing images into black and white. If you are shooting for a book cover or a newspaper article, then make sure that you tell your photographer as your personality and your brand will need to come across the image and maybe your photographer will advice you to have a set of environmental or business portraits instead.

3. Check what you will get from the photographer
Before you book your photographer make sure you know how long the session will be, as well as the number of images you will be receiving from them. Some photographers will send you all minus edits (where you blinked) images and some will only send you a few images. Keep in mind that if you are having a half an hour session, you may not be able to relax or do any clothes changes. It takes time to get used to your environment and a photographer. Remember you are inviting a effectively stranger in to your personal space, so allow yourself a bit of time to get used to your surroundings. Relaxed business headshots look best rather than closed-up uncomfortable ones, so 30 minutes session may not be the best option if it will take you a bit of time to relax and feel comfortable.

4. Send images you like to your chosen photographer before the session
Do your research in Google images, LinkedIn connections, Pinterest or photographer's portfolio and put a mood-board together before the shoot. Once you are happy with photographer's portfolio, price and the sound of your photographer make sure to follow up with the email of some of the images you really liked.

5. Plan your looks in advance. i.e. what are you going to wear, your hair, make-up
Plan your looks and think about what clothing you are going to wear. Some photographers only allow a limited amount of changes on the shoot, which is normal as it eats in the photo session time you have booked with them. So make sure you know in advance what outfits to bring. If you are not sure then double check with your photographer as they most likely will be happy to tell you what works best or ask you to take a few options which they then can recommend you choose from once they have seen you and can see what will work best.

If you are great at make-up, then don't worry but if you are not sure and what to do to look your best then see if your photographer can book you a professional make-up artist before the session. Professional makeup artist should also be able to do your hair, so plan your look in advance and do what works best for you. Also make sure you have a clean washed hair as unwashed hair might look greasy on the photos, which in turn does not look that great or professional. Also hair is one of the most trickiest things to retouch in photoshop, so if you don't want your uncoloured roots showing up then make sure you get them done before the shoot.

Before the photo shoot to check yourself in the mirror. The chances are your photographer has never met you before and don't know what you look like, so make sure you are happy with the way you look. For example, if you have wild eyebrows then make sure they are tidied up before the shoot if wild look is not the look you are after. Also check for any food leftovers in your teeth or accessories moved, your tie is straight, buttons are not undone, your suit is steamed, your shirt is ironed, your hair are not messy, etc.
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