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Art Collecting 101: The Benefits of Focusing on Emerging Artists

submitted on 6 November 2021
One of the fascinating things about collecting art is that there are various ways to go about doing so. For example, an art collector can try to gather pieces of the most famous artists in recent history, gaining popularity and prestige in the process. Another direction collectors can take is to look into burgeoning talent and attempt to nurture the artist by purchasing their works.
While the latter is undoubtedly a riskier venture, it doesn't change the fact that it can be an exciting investment for collectors. Unlike famous pieces from artists who are already tried and tested, those from emerging artists can be unpredictable. It might seem like the safer option would be to collect pieces that already matter, but there's a lot to be gained by focusing on new talent. Here are just a few benefits that might convince collectors to give it a try.

1. The road less travelled
First and foremost, emerging artists represent the future of the art industry. There might come a time when the humble artists you have your eyes on grow into their own and offer a mind-boggling return on investment (ROI). That sense of uncertainty is part of what drives passionate collectors forward. Even if things might not pan out immediately, having a hand in a soon-to-be world-famous artist's evolution is quite the achievement.

Taking part in the road less travelled can be filled to the brim with uncertainty, but it's well worth the risk. Such is the reason why up and coming UK artists get so much attention from famous collectors.

2. Planting the seeds for the future of the industry
While itís understandable to go for old and famous pieces as a collector, thereís no denying that thereís a sense of accomplishment and excitement in planting the seeds of the art industry. Emerging artists are far more likely to succeed if they have people supporting their exploits, and they could grow into something marvellous over time.

When you invest in emerging artists, youíre improving their chances of honing their craft. Even if they might take some time to flourish, the fact that youíre helping them grow is often enough reason for many collectors to invest in emerging art.

3. Itís an accessible (and affordable) practice
One significant reason why collectors enjoy investing in emerging art is that itís still accessible. After all, not everyone has the budget to purchase timeless pieces of art ó there are many out there with budget constraints, even if they might be passionate collectors. Going for emerging art can help new collectors make great investments without necessarily breaking the bank in the process. Itís often a great way to get started for new collectors, as thereís less risk involved as far as money goes.

There's something fascinating and exciting about emerging art. Only time will tell if the works of emerging artists stand the test of time, and those who want to invest in emerging art play an active role in their overall success.
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