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Brett Currie

Brett Currie is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer based in Edinburgh. He offers video production and commercial photographer services worldwide. He is also a CAA-approved drone pilot. Known for his strong cinematic style with an emphasis on storytelling, he is an expert at capturing people, the environment, and what links them.He works for businesses of all sizes from small local businesses to large corporate brands.

You can view a selection of his promotional and corporate videos on his website.

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Common questions asked about

1. What services does Brett Currie offer?

Brett Currie offers film and video production, commercial photography, and corporate video production services. He specializes in creating cinematic and emotive brand films that capture the essence of a company's story. Additionally, he is a CAA approved drone pilot and aerial cinematographer, allowing him to seamlessly integrate aerial imagery into his film productions.

2. Where is Brett Currie based?

Brett Currie is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, he provides his services worldwide, so location is not a limitation for clients who wish to work with him.

3. What is Brett Currie's style of filmmaking?

Brett Currie is known for his strong cinematic style with a focus on storytelling. His films capture the essence of people, the environment, and the connections between them. His visually engaging approach creates a captivating narrative that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

4. Can Brett Currie create corporate videos?

Yes, Brett Currie offers corporate video production services. He can effectively tell your company's story in a visually engaging way, helping to showcase your brand and connect with your target audience. Whether it's a promotional video, training video, or any other corporate video need, Brett Currie can deliver high-quality productions.

5. How can I contact Brett Currie?

To get in touch with Brett Currie, you can visit the 'Contact' section of his website. There, you will find his contact information, including email and phone number. Feel free to reach out to discuss your project, request a quote, or ask any further questions you may have. Brett Currie is responsive and ready to assist you with your film and video production needs.

Some reasons to choose

Award Winning Filmmaker and Photographer

Brett Currie is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer based in Edinburgh. This recognition highlights his exceptional talent and expertise in the field of film and photography. Clients can trust that they are working with a highly skilled professional who has been recognized for his outstanding work.

Strong Cinematic Style with an Emphasis on Storytelling

Brett Currie is known for his strong cinematic style, which adds a captivating and immersive element to his productions. His emphasis on storytelling ensures that the audience is engaged and emotionally connected to the content. This unique approach sets him apart from other filmmakers and photographers, providing clients with a truly memorable and impactful experience.

Wide Range of Services

Brett Currie offers a wide range of services, including film and video production, commercial photography, and corporate video production. This versatility allows clients to fulfill all their visual content needs in one place, saving time and effort. Whether it's a brand film, corporate video, or aerial cinematography, Brett Currie can deliver exceptional results across various mediums.

Expertise in Capturing People and the Environment

Brett Currie's expertise lies in capturing people and the environment, showcasing the connection between the two. His ability to capture genuine emotions and portray the beauty of the surroundings adds depth and authenticity to his work. Clients can expect visually stunning and emotionally impactful content that truly reflects their brand and message.

Integration of Aerial Imagery

As a CAA approved drone pilot and aerial cinematographer, Brett Currie seamlessly integrates aerial imagery into his film productions. This unique perspective adds a breathtaking element to the visuals, providing a fresh and captivating view of the subject matter. Clients can benefit from this innovative approach, elevating their content and making it stand out from the competition.
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UK (Edinburgh) based business providing video production and commercial photography services. Website includes details of services provided, work examples, "meet the founder" information, details of awards won, full contact details. reviewer
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