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Endole is an online open data service providing corporate information for UK companies. We focus on collaborating all types of company data including Company Key Data, Accounts, Mortgages, Returns, Financial Figures, Company Appointments and Filing History. The information we have are gathered from UK public records such as Companies House and UK Government Data. We provide the data free for public use, it is released under Open Data License.

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Common questions asked about

1. What is the Endole App and how can it benefit my business?

The Endole App is a comprehensive platform that provides valuable insights for Sales, Marketing, and Risk Analysis. It allows you to understand the companies you work with and want to work with, enabling you to make informed decisions. With the Endole App, you can discover leads, connect with decision makers, monitor opportunities, and make key decisions faster. It provides a seamless experience, bringing all the necessary information together in one place for easy access and analysis.

2. What can I expect from Endole Reports?

Endole Reports offer a deep dive into a company's past and present risk profile. By exploring how businesses have handled previous debts, you can gain valuable insights into their creditworthiness and trustworthiness. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of a company's financial health, allowing you to make informed decisions about potential business partnerships. With Endole Reports, you can mitigate risks and ensure you are working with reliable and stable companies.

3. How can the Endole API benefit my business?

The Endole API allows you to build customized solutions that cater to your specific business needs. By accessing authentic data through the API, you can automate processes, learn more about businesses, analyze trends, and connect with relevant companies. The API empowers you to create applications that streamline your operations, enhance decision-making, and improve efficiency. With the Endole API, you can harness the power of data to drive growth and success for your business.

4. What is the purpose of Endole's Company Search feature?

Endole's Company Search feature enables you to easily find and explore information about specific companies. Whether you are researching potential clients, suppliers, or competitors, Company Search provides a comprehensive database of company profiles. You can access key details such as financial information, director information, and company structure. This feature helps you gain a deeper understanding of the companies you are interested in, allowing you to make informed decisions and forge successful business relationships.

5. How can I get support or assistance with using Endole's services?

Endole provides a Help Centre where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and access helpful resources. If you need further assistance, you can reach out to their support team for personalized support. The Help Centre and support team are dedicated to ensuring you have a smooth experience with Endole's services. Whether you have technical questions, need guidance on using specific features, or require assistance with data interpretation, Endole is committed to providing the support you need to maximize the benefits of their services.

Some reasons to choose

Intelligence for all the ways your business works

Endole provides actionable insights for Sales, Marketing, and Risk Analysis, helping businesses better understand the companies they work with and want to work with.

All the insight you need in a single, seamless platform

Endole App offers a comprehensive platform that allows users to discover leads, connect with decision makers, make faster decisions on clients and suppliers, and easily monitor opportunities that improve over time.

See risk in the past and present

Endole Reports enable businesses to assess risk by examining how companies have handled previous debts and determining their current level of trustworthiness.

Build solutions that work for you

Endole API empowers users to create customized applications using authentic data, automating processes for learning, analysis, and business connections.

Efficient company and director search

Endole's search functionality allows users to quickly find information on specific companies and directors, providing valuable insights for decision-making and due diligence.
UK based business providing information on companies within the UK. Website includes searchable database, FAQs, account signup page, pricing, API information, contact page. reviewer
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"Excellent Customer Service. Very helpful support team. I accidentally made a mistake with a download which was promptly and efficiently corrected. Thank you Team Endole."
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"This tool is very useful for finding up-to-date information about UK Companies and the Customer Service is brilliant"
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"Evaluating at the moment. So far so good. Thanks to Sid for assistance."
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"I have just signed up to Endole Business Information, did live chat with Kam, what an excellent experience. Couldn't have been more helpful, or clearer with the information I received. Will most definitely recommend to others"
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