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Audience feedback is becoming increasingly more important in progression with today's modern media, which is why an Audience Response System from Clikapad provides an easy way to facilitate audience interaction without having to pass out lengthy and time consuming questionnaires. Audience Response Systems provided by Clikapad offer a range of functions that are tailored to suit the needs of your specific event.

For example where a majority vote is needed in a business or school discussion, an electronic voting system is incredibly useful as it quickly and efficiently tallies up results without human counting errors. Plus in normal situations where you would have to hand in a ballot, Electronic Voting Systems provide complete anonymity, meaning that results collected will be more honest and unbiased with regards to peer pressure and other contributing factors.

Audience Response Systems are available for hire and for purchase, with rental audience response systems available for a wide range of events and conferences and designed to suit your needs. Should you need to conduct a survey in your university, an audience response system by Clikapad provides a wide range of options that allows you to collect all the relevant data you need.

In business conferences, audience response systems provide an accurate way of encouraging discussion when it comes to highlighting a new product for example. Some conference members may feel differently and an audience response system allows them to express that instantly, increasing communication in meetings.

Whether you are looking for an audience response system for business purposes, to assist in a university survey or at another event, give us a call on +44 (0)3333 448 550 where our team of experts will happily assist you in choosing the best audience response system for your conference or event. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Common questions asked about

1. What are the benefits of using Clikapad for interactive online meetings and virtual events?

Clikapad offers a range of benefits for interactive online meetings and virtual events. Firstly, no wifi is needed, ensuring seamless connectivity for all participants. Secondly, Clikapad provides instant and accurate responses, allowing for real-time engagement and feedback. Additionally, Clikapad can accommodate a large number of users, from 2 to 2000, making it suitable for both small and large-scale events. By using Clikapad, you can enhance participant engagement, improve communication, and make your meetings and events more interactive and productive.

2. How does Clikapad facilitate transparent and anonymous participation?

Clikapad enables transparent and anonymous participation through its simple devices. Participants can provide their input and feedback without revealing their identity, fostering a safe and open environment for sharing opinions. This anonymity encourages honest and unbiased responses, leading to more authentic and valuable insights. With Clikapad, you can ensure that all participants feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas, promoting inclusivity and enhancing the overall quality of discussions and decision-making processes.

3. In what ways can Clikapad enhance participant engagement?

Clikapad offers various features and functionalities to enhance participant engagement. It can be used for strategy planning, allowing participants to actively contribute their ideas and suggestions. Clikapad also helps measure staff satisfaction, enabling employees to provide feedback anonymously and transparently. Additionally, it facilitates risk assessments by allowing participants to assess and prioritize risks in real-time. By using Clikapad, you can create interactive and engaging experiences for your participants, fostering collaboration, and maximizing the value of their contributions.

4. How does Clikapad's PowerPoint Audience Response Systems work?

Clikapad's PowerPoint Audience Response Systems integrate seamlessly with PowerPoint presentations. Participants can respond to interactive questions or polls displayed on the slides using their Clikapad devices. The responses are instantly collected and displayed, providing real-time feedback to presenters and facilitators. This interactive feature adds an engaging element to presentations, allowing presenters to gauge audience understanding, gather opinions, and tailor their content accordingly. With Clikapad's PowerPoint Audience Response Systems, you can transform traditional presentations into dynamic and interactive experiences.

5. How can Clikapad help in creating and delivering better meetings and events?

Clikapad can help in creating and delivering better meetings and events by promoting active participation, improving communication, and enhancing overall engagement. With its instant and accurate response system, Clikapad enables real-time interaction, ensuring that all participants have a voice and their opinions are heard. By fostering transparent and anonymous participation, Clikapad encourages honest feedback and diverse perspectives. This, in turn, leads to more informed decision-making and better outcomes. Whether it's for online meetings, virtual events, or in-person experiences, Clikapad provides the tools and features to make your meetings and events more effective and impactful.

Some reasons to choose

Interactive online meetings, virtual events & in-person experiences

The company offers interactive solutions for various types of meetings and events, whether they are conducted online, virtually, or in-person. This allows for seamless communication and collaboration among participants, regardless of their location or the format of the event.

Simple devices for transparent, honest, anonymous participation

Clikapad provides user-friendly devices that enable participants to engage in discussions and provide feedback in a transparent and honest manner. The option for anonymous participation encourages open and honest communication, leading to more valuable insights and feedback.

Participant engagement for strategy planning, staff satisfaction, risk assessments and more

The company's solutions are designed to enhance participant engagement in various areas, such as strategy planning, staff satisfaction surveys, risk assessments, and more. By actively involving participants in these processes, organizations can gather valuable input and make informed decisions.

PowerPoint Audience Response Systems

Clikapad offers PowerPoint Audience Response Systems, which allow presenters to interact with their audience in real-time during presentations. This feature enhances audience engagement and provides valuable insights for the presenter.

No wifi needed, instant, accurate with for 2 - 2000 users

One of the key benefits of using Clikapad is that it does not require wifi connectivity, making it suitable for various environments. Additionally, the system provides instant and accurate responses, accommodating a wide range of users from small groups to large audiences.
UK (Bordon Hampshire) based business - established in 1991 - providing an electronic device that allows audiences to vote (en masse) on questions. Website includes details of products and accessories provided, FAQs, training and help offered, regularly updated blog, associations, certifications, full contact details including company registration and VAT numbers. reviewer
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