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Chesterfield's Charm: The Spiral Spire Scavenger Hunt

submitted on 21 January 2024 by

Setting the Scene

Imagine this: a quaint English town nestled in the rolling hills of the Derbyshire countryside, boasting a rich history, picturesque landscapes, and charming locals. Now, introduce a quirky annual event unlike any other: The Spiral Spire Scavenger Hunt, an adventure that brings the community together, celebrates the town's iconic landmark, and provides a healthy dose of laughter and absurdity. Chesterfield, prepare to meet your match.

History of the Hunt: A Spiral Story

The Spiral Spire Scavenger Hunt was born out of the town's love for its most famous architectural wonder: the Crooked Spire of the Church of St Mary and All Saints. Constructed in the 14th century, the spire's distinct twisted shape is said to be the result of unseasoned timber and its weight. However, local folklore tells a different tale - the devil himself was so mesmerized by the spire's beauty that he wrapped his tail around it, causing its iconic twist. The townspeople saw this supernatural encounter as a sign and decided to celebrate their beloved spire in a most peculiar way: an annual scavenger hunt!

How to Participate: Spiraling into Fun

Joining the Spiral Spire Scavenger Hunt is as easy as showing up in the Chesterfield town center on the designated day, typically a Saturday in late September. Participants of all ages, shapes, and species (yes, dogs are welcome) gather at the foot of the twisted spire to pick up their official scavenger hunt list and set off on a wild journey through the town's streets, parks, and even some unexpected locations. The list of items and tasks to be found and accomplished during the hunt remains top secret until the day of the event, but past hunts have included challenges such as:
  • Finding a spiral-patterned snail shell and presenting it to the local pub's bartender in exchange for a pint of ale (or apple juice, for the younger hunters)
  • Recreating the spire's twist using only your body and a willing partner, as judged by a panel of esteemed local artists
  • Collecting an array of spiral-shaped objects from around the town, including a corkscrew, a curly fry, and a discarded slinky

Prizes and Perks: A Twist of Fate

With great spiraling challenges come great spiraling rewards. The Spiral Spire Scavenger Hunt boasts an array of unique and coveted prizes for those who demonstrate the most creativity, speed, and dedication in their hunt. Top prizes in past years have included:
  • A lifetime supply of Chesterfield's famous spiral-patterned licorice
  • A private tour of the Crooked Spire led by its resident historian, who may or may not be an actual time traveler
  • A custom-designed spiral tattoo from the town's most renowned (and only) tattoo artist
But the true reward of this eccentric event is the sense of community and camaraderie that pervades the town's streets as friends, families, and strangers come together to laugh, create, and celebrate the peculiar beauty of their spiral spire.

Memorable Moments: Spiraling Out of Control

As you can imagine, the Spiral Spire Scavenger Hunt has produced some unforgettable tales over the years. A few highlights include:
  • The year the local baker attempted to create the world's largest spiral-shaped loaf of bread, only for it to collapse into a heap of doughy chaos in the town square
  • The elderly gentleman who insisted on completing the entire scavenger hunt while riding a unicycle, declaring it to be the "most spirally mode of transport"
  • The group of children who accidentally unleashed a flock of spiral-painted pigeons upon the town, creating a temporary frenzy of feathers and confusion

Join the Spiral Madness

If the absurd charm of the Spiral Spire Scavenger Hunt has piqued your interest, why not plan a visit to Chesterfield for this year's event? Experience the delights of the English countryside, immerse yourself in the history of the Crooked Spire, and let yourself get swept up in the twisty, turny adventure that is the Spiral Spire Scavenger Hunt. After all, life's too short to pass up a chance to celebrate the wonderfully bizarre.
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