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Dengie Farm Feeds for Ruminants and Poultry

Dengie is a farmer-owned co-operative based in Essex.

Fibre is vital for the health of the ruminant and poultry digestive systems, and we believe that everyone should “think fibre first” with their animal’s diets. Learn more about the benefits of our range of fibre products, plus our harvesting and production processes.

The Dengie Ruminant Range

Rumen health is essential and can only be achieved by the correct balance of protein, starch and fibre.

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Common questions asked about

1. What are the benefits of feeding lucerne to cows?

Feeding lucerne to cows provides them with high levels of protein, calcium, and high-quality fiber, which are essential for producing milk. Lucerne is efficiently used by cows, and it helps maintain their condition in early lactation and improve fertility. The fermentation of fiber in lucerne also produces acetic acid, which is used as energy by the cow and necessary for the production of butterfat.

2. How can a well-balanced diet improve fertility in cows?

A well-balanced diet, with sufficient and quality fiber, is crucial for maintaining condition in early lactation and improving fertility in cows. Fiber helps provide the necessary scratch factor and structure to the diet, which can increase buffering and reduce the risk of acidosis. By ensuring cows have access to a well-balanced diet, their overall reproductive health can be improved.

3. How does feeding lucerne to poultry help limit feather pecking?

Feeding lucerne to poultry can help enrich their environment and limit the occurrence of feather pecking. Lucerne provides additional stimulation and interest for the birds, reducing the likelihood of them engaging in harmful behaviors such as feather pecking. By incorporating lucerne into their diet, poultry can have a more enriched and fulfilling environment, promoting their overall well-being.

4. Why is fiber vital for the digestive systems of ruminants and poultry?

Fiber is essential for the health of the digestive systems in both ruminants and poultry. It helps regulate digestion, promotes proper gut function, and prevents digestive disorders. Fiber also provides bulk to the diet, aiding in the movement of food through the digestive tract. By prioritizing fiber in the diets of ruminants and poultry, their digestive systems can function optimally, leading to better overall health and performance.

5. What can I expect from Dengie Farm Feeds?

Dengie Farm Feeds is a farmer-owned cooperative based in Essex. They specialize in providing a range of fiber products for ruminants and poultry. Their products are carefully harvested and produced to ensure the highest quality and nutritional value. Dengie Farm Feeds also offers news, feed advice, and top tips from their team of nutritionists, keeping customers up-to-date with the latest information. With Dengie Farm Feeds, you can expect reliable and expert support for your animal's dietary needs.

Some reasons to choose

Benefits of Dehydrated Lucerne

Cows efficiently use the high levels of protein, calcium and high-quality fibre in lucerne for producing milk.

How to improve fertility

A well-balanced diet - with sufficient, quality fibre - is the key to maintaining condition in early lactation and improving fertility.

Reducing Risk of Acidosis

Providing the necessary scratch factor and structure to the diet with digestible, long fibre can increase buffering and reduce acidosis.


The fermentation of fibre produces acetic acid – used as energy by the cow and necessary in the production of butterfat.

Limit Feather Pecking

Feeding lucerne to poultry can help to enrich their environment and limit the occurrence of feather pecking.
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