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Document Options

Document Options provides business process automation and document management services to businesses based in Crawley and beyond. Our advanced solutions include automated invoice processing, HR document management, and streamlined workflows. Through the utilisation of high volume scanning services, we effectively reduce labour and administrative costs, transforming the way your business operates. Visit our website to discover how we can meet your business processing needs.

A deeper dive into

What services does provide?

Document Options specializes in a range of document services including business process automation, document management, high-volume scanning, custom document processing systems, secure document storage, online document hosting, and certified destruction of sensitive documents and media. They focus on digitizing paper documents and automating manual workflows to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

What assurances does give about ensuring a high-quality service or product?

Document Options assures quality through various accreditations such as EN BS ISO 9001, EN BS ISO 27001, and GDPR compliance. They are also Cyber Essentials Accredited and a Registered Waste Carrier, ensuring adherence to high standards in data security and environmental responsibility.

What social proof is there that has provided a quality service in the past?

The website features positive customer testimonials highlighting their efficiency, excellent customer service, and high-quality output. These testimonials from satisfied clients serve as social proof of their reliability and professionalism in document management and scanning services.

Common questions asked about

How can I get a quote for services from Document Options?

To get a personalized quote, contact Document Options through their website or directly via email or phone. Provide details about your document management needs for an accurate quote.

What types of documents can Document Options handle?

Document Options can process a wide range of documents, including sensitive and confidential materials, using their high-volume scanning and secure storage services.

Is Document Options compliant with data protection regulations?

Yes, Document Options is GDPR compliant and adheres to strict data protection and privacy regulations, ensuring the security of your documents.

Can Document Options help with digital transformation?

Document Options specializes in digital transformation, helping businesses transition from paper-based systems to efficient digital workflows.

Does Document Options offer secure destruction of documents?

Yes, they provide certified destruction processes for securely destroying obsolete or sensitive documents and media, in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Some reasons to choose

High-Volume Document Scanning Services

Document Options specializes in high-volume scanning services, efficiently digitizing paper documents, files, and media with advanced tools and workflows for precision results.

Customized Document Processing Systems

They offer customized document processing systems that automate manual workflows and optimize inefficient paper-based processes, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Secure Document Storage and Management

The company provides highly secure and regulated document storage facilities and robust digital cloud platforms for managed retention of physical or electronic records.

Certified Destruction of Sensitive Documents

Document Options uses certified processes for the complete and secure destruction of obsolete, sensitive documents and media, adhering to regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Document Management System Software

Their document management system software offers centralized, accessible information by collating documents enterprise-wide into one searchable repository, enhancing data accessibility and management.

What have existing customers liked most about them?

Based on customer/client reviews of via this testimonials page (opens in new window), what are their customers are most happy about?

1. Over 40 Years of Experience

Customers appreciate the extensive experience Document Options brings, specializing in document processing services and management systems since the seventies.

2. Early Adoption of Digital Scanning

Being early adopters of digital scanning technology in the UK, they have provided reliable and advanced scanning services for over 25 years.

3. Diverse Service Range

From specialist microfilm services to modern business process automation, their wide range of services meets various customer needs.

4. Specialized Reprographic Services

Their Reprographic Centre offers comprehensive copying, printing, microfilm, and drawing office supply services.

5. Advanced Optical Character Recognition

The introduction of OCR services using Abbyy software has likely enhanced data processing capabilities.

6. National Microfilm Services

As a national supplier of microfilm services to MOD contractors, they have demonstrated capability in handling large-scale, sensitive projects.

7. Wide Format Digital Scanning

The launch of wide format digital scanning services expanded their technological capabilities.

8. High-Quality Scanning Equipment

Utilization of Kodak high-quality mid-range scanners and IBML High Volume Scanners indicates a commitment to using advanced technology.

9. Secure Document Storage

The launch of secure document storage services addresses the need for safe and regulated document retention.

10. Business Process Automation

The introduction of intelligent business process management services shows their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Selected and consolidated information about

Company History:

Document Options has over 40 years of experience in document processing services and management systems, starting in the seventies. Initially providing microfilm services, they were early adopters of digital scanning technology and have expanded to include document storage services, online hosting, and business process automation.

Certifications / Accreditations:

Document Options is accredited to EN BS ISO 9001, EN BS ISO 27001, ICO Registered, GDPR Compliant, BS1008 Certified, PCI Accredited, Cyber Essentials Accredited, and is a Registered Waste Carrier. They also have insurances covering professional, product, public, and employer liabilities.

Geographical Areas Covered:

Document Options assists companies across the UK, particularly in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and London, offering services in digitizing, storing, and managing documents.
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Document Options, an award-winning company based in Sussex, specializes in business process automation, document management, scanning, and more. Their expertise in transforming labor-intensive processes into cost-effective automated solutions is a significant asset for businesses looking to grow and save money. The company offers a range of services including high-volume scanning, custom document processing systems, secure document storage, and certified destruction processes for sensitive documents and media. Their document management system software provides centralized, accessible information, facilitating digital transformation by replacing outdated paper-based systems with efficient digital workflows. Positive customer testimonials highlight their efficiency, excellent customer service, and skill in producing high-quality images, underscoring their reliability and professionalism. Document Options is a trusted partner for companies transitioning to paperless processes, offering productivity, security, and cost-saving benefits.
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Burridge House
Priestley Way
West Sussex RH10 9NT
United Kingdom
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Document Scanning Q&A
published on 7 March 2023
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