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Document Scanning Services | Pearl Scan

Providing secure & trusted document scanning services to businesses across the UK - Nationwide collection - Fast Turnaround - All Volumes

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1. What services does Pearl Scan offer?

Pearl Scan offers a range of document scanning services, including document scanning, archive scanning, bulk scanning, large format scanning, and business card scanning. They also provide microfiche scanning, aperture card scanning, microfilm scanning, x-ray scanning, slide scanning, and photo scanning. Additionally, they offer specialist services such as book scanning, heritage scanning, survey scanning, CAD scanning, and data capture services.

2. Can Pearl Scan store my scanned documents?

Yes, Pearl Scan provides document storage services. They offer secure document storage with digital access to files, allowing you to easily retrieve and manage your documents. They also offer a scan on-demand service for rarely accessed documents, helping you save space and reduce clutter in your office. If you're looking to implement a paperless office, Pearl Scan can provide a simple, cost-effective, and quick solution.

3. Does Pearl Scan offer shredding services?

Yes, Pearl Scan offers secure shredding services for all types of documents. They are accredited to all security industry and recycling association standards, ensuring the confidentiality and proper disposal of your sensitive information. Whether you require shredding as part of their scanning services or one-off shredding of your old files, Pearl Scan can provide collection and confidential shredding to meet your needs.

4. What software solutions does Pearl Scan offer?

Pearl Scan offers Pearl Cloud, a secure and easy-to-use document management software that allows you to retrieve documents from any location. They also offer Halogen, an award-winning document management software that provides advanced features for document organization and retrieval. Additionally, they can scan documents directly into your SharePoint system, saving you time and cost.

5. Are there any resources available for further information?

Yes, Pearl Scan provides a FAQ section on their website where you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. They also offer resources such as case studies, white papers, and blog articles that provide more in-depth information about their services and solutions. If you have specific questions or need further assistance, you can contact their team directly for personalized support.

Some reasons to choose

Efficient Document Scanning Services

The company offers a variety of document scanning services, including document scanning, book scanning, microfiche scanning, large format scanning, and archive scanning. This allows businesses to digitize their documents and easily access them whenever needed, saving time and improving efficiency.

Advanced Data Capture Technology

The company utilizes the latest data capture technology for survey capture, invoice data capture, medical data capture, and form data capture. This ensures accurate and efficient data entry, reducing manual errors and improving data management processes.

Secure Document Storage

The company provides secure document storage with digital access to files. This allows businesses to store their documents in a safe and organized manner, while still being able to retrieve them whenever necessary. It eliminates the need for physical storage space and reduces the risk of document loss or damage.

Scan On-Demand Service

The company offers a scan on-demand service for rarely accessed documents. This means that businesses can request specific documents to be scanned and delivered digitally whenever needed, without the need for physical retrieval. It saves time and resources, making document retrieval more convenient.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Paperless Office Solution

The company promotes a paperless office solution that is simple, cost-effective, and quick to implement. By digitizing documents and adopting digital workflows, businesses can reduce paper usage, streamline processes, and save costs associated with printing, storage, and document management.
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UK (Manchester, Birmingham and London) based business - with over 19 years' experience - providing document scanning services. Website includes details of services provided, work examples and case studies, details of awards won, testimonials, client list, certifications gained, full contact details including company registration and VAT numbers. reviewer
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