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Dr H Consult


Dr H Consult offers leading cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery services with one of the UK's most respected medical skin experts in the field. Dr Asif Hussein is an accomplished surgeon, international lecturer and teacher as well as Medical Director at sk:n clinics. You can book a consultation at his London clinic or sk:n clinics locations in London, Epsom, Esher or Brighton.

Dr Hussein offers a wealth of specialist cosmetic dermatology and skin laser treatments including acne scar removal and management with laser resurfacing, CO2 laser resurfacing, TCA CROSS and combined techniques, keloid scar management, laser and surgical treatments of age spots, mole removal, birthmarks, warts and verrucas, laser eyelid tightening, advanced injectable treatments with Botox and dermal fillers, treatment of facial/leg veins with laser or sclerotherapy and more.

Thorough knowledge and experience are essential when it comes to choosing a specialist medical practitioner. With extensive surgical expertise at the highest level of cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery for the skin, and a caseload exceeding 4000 treatments per year, Dr Hussein should be your first port of call.

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Common questions asked about

1. What types of laser treatments do you offer?

We offer a range of laser treatments including laser resurfacing, fully ablative laser, laser eyelid tightening, and Fraxel. These treatments can address various skin concerns such as acne scarring, pigmentation issues, and signs of aging.

2. Can you treat leg veins and facial veins?

Yes, we provide treatments for leg veins, facial veins, spider naevi, and periorbital veins. Our laser treatments can effectively target and reduce the appearance of these veins, giving you smoother and clearer skin.

3. Do you offer mole removal services?

Yes, we offer mole removal services. Our experienced laser surgeon can safely and effectively remove moles using advanced laser technology. This minimally invasive procedure can help improve the appearance of your skin.

4. What scar treatments do you provide?

We specialize in scar treatments, including surgical scars, hypertrophic scars, and keloid scar treatment. Our laser surgery techniques and other scar treatments can help minimize the appearance of scars and improve the overall texture of your skin.

5. How can I book a laser skin treatment?

You can easily book a laser skin treatment with Dr. Asif Hussein by visiting our website and filling out the appointment request form. Alternatively, you can contact our clinic directly to schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff will assist you in finding a convenient time for your treatment.

Some reasons to choose

Specialist Laser Treatments

The company offers a wide range of specialist laser treatments, including laser resurfacing, laser eyelid tightening, and fully ablative laser. These treatments are performed by Dr Asif Hussein, a leading laser surgeon with extensive expertise in all modalities of laser surgery.

Wide Range of Skin Treatments

In addition to laser treatments, the company also offers a variety of medical and surgical skin treatments. These include treatment for hyperhidrosis, dermal fillers, skin surgery for warts and verrucas, and scar treatments. Patients can find comprehensive solutions for their skin concerns at this clinic.

Expertise in Acne Scar Management

Dr Asif Hussein is one of the world authorities in fully ablative laser surgery and surgical acne scar management. He has treated more acne scarring than any other dermatologist in the UK. Patients seeking effective solutions for acne scars can trust in his expertise and experience.

Convenient Location

The clinic is conveniently located at 75 Harley Street in London. This central location allows easy access for patients from all over the city. Patients can benefit from the expertise of Dr Asif Hussein without having to travel long distances.

Personalized Approach to Skin Care

Dr Asif Hussein specializes in cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery of the skin, including laser resurfacing. He takes a personalized approach to each patient's skin care needs, ensuring that they receive tailored treatments and achieve the best possible results.
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