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Driving Instructor Training and Driving instructor lesson plan diagrams


DrivingInstructor Lesson Plan Diagrams Over 300 pages of driving instructor lessonplans designed by Driver Training Ltd ORDIT registered driving instructortrainers. Driver Training Ltd have been a driving instructor trainer for almost20 years.

Drivinginstructor lesson plan diagrams - Ideal for ADI Part 2, ADI Part 3, DrivingStandards check test, learner drivers and experienced drivers


Writtenand designed by ORDIT registered trainers Driver Training Ltd who have beentraining people to become driving instructors for almost 20 years.

Over 300pages professionally printed on 170gsm paper explains all you need for you andyour pupil on dealing with every driving subject from moving off and stoppingto driving on smart motorways

Mostbriefing folders or lesson plans may show the pictures, but they don’t reallyexplain the subject or what to look out for - the difference with this briefingfolder it actually includes instructions of how to do it!

Thisbriefing folder is different in that it explains what needs to be done and howto do it.

Thesedriving instructor lesson plan diagrams cover Cockpit drill and controls,moving off and stopping, left and right turns, emerging open and closedjunctions, Y junctions, Roundabouts including mini and spiral, Crossroadsincluding filter lights and box junctions, Pedestrian crossings, country roadsand bends, Speed limits, night time driving, one way roads, Anticipation ofpedestrians, cars, e bikes and e scooters buses, horses, animals, roadconditions, Bad weather, Splashing pedestrians, rubbernecking, Sun-glare, Levelcrossings, congestion charging, Trams, bin lorries and roadworks.

Motorwaydriving, dual carriageways, overtaking on single roads, Independent drivingwith signs and with sat nav,

ALLmanoeuvres including Forward bay park, reverse bay park, parallel park, pull upon the right and emergency stop!

Sowhether you are a learner driver, struggling to understand the subject, an ADIPart 2 trainee or ADI Part 3 Trainee, or even an experienced driver who justwant to refresh their knowledge of a subject.

Thesehandy driving guides are ideal for you

If youalready have a briefing folder, then these can be a great addition as you canjust use a specific subject that you’d like to be able to explain better orunderstand better.

It iswritten by ORDIT registered Trainers Driver Training Ltd who have been teachingpeople to become driving instructors for almost 20 years.

Thisbriefing folder covers all of the aspects of dealing with crossroads

so notonly does it benefit you as the driving instructor, and help you get to knowwhat needs to be done - you can also provide these to your pupils by sellingthem.

This waythe pupils are better prepared for their driving test.

UK (Birmingham) based business providing driving instructor training services. Website includes details of services provided, testimonials, terms and conditions, contact form. reviewer
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