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Enhancing UK Homes: The Beauty and Durability of Composite Decking

submitted on 6 March 2024 by
Adding an outdoor living space to your home can greatly enhance its beauty, functionality, and value. One of the best ways to do this is by installing composite decking. With its natural wood look and feel combined with extreme durability, composite decking is an ideal solution for creating stunning, low-maintenance outdoor spaces in the UK.

The Drawbacks of Traditional Decking Materials

Traditional decking materials like timber can be high-maintenance and have a limited lifespan. They require yearly staining/sealing, can easily warp, rot, or splinter over time, and generally only last 10-15 years. The damp climate in certain parts of the UK only serves to speed up this deterioration process. While concrete is very durable, it comes with its own drawbacks:
  • Concrete gets extremely hot in sunny weather and does not allow rainwater drainage
  • It tends to develop cracks over time
  • The grey concrete visual is not that aesthetically pleasing for an outdoor living space
These factors can make conventional decking a continuous hassle - not to mention an eyesore down the line. Composite solves all of these problems beautifully.

What Makes Composite Decking So Great?

Durable & Low Maintenance
Made from recycled wood and plastic, composite decking outperforms traditional materials in terms of weather-resistance and durability. It won't rot, warp, splinter or require yearly staining/sealing. You can enjoy your new deck for 20+ years with little to no maintenance required.
Natural Looks
Composite decking uses compressed wood fibres to emulate the distinct grain patterns and rich colour tones of natural timber. From warm chestnut browns to natural reddish hardwood hues, composites capture the aesthetic beauty of real wood without the upkeep.
With grooved surfaces that allow rainwater drainage and help prevent moisture buildup, composite decks are ideal for UK weather conditions. The unique textured surfaces also provide enhanced traction underfoot, making your new outdoor space safe for the whole family to enjoy.
Customisable Style
From subtle linear grain patterns to distinct wood knots and colour variations, modern composites offer customised designs. This allows homeowners to match their new decks to the existing look and style of their home and garden architecture.
Repurposing waste wood and plastic into brand new, long-lasting building materials makes composites a sustainable decking option. What's more, they never require harmful chemical treatments or toxic paints/stains that can pollute the garden space and surrounding environment.

Design Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Multi-Level Decking
Create separate tiers in your garden using composite decking to provide distinct areas for dining, lounging, hot tubs, plant features and more. Varied deck levels make the space more dynamic while working perfectly with uneven gardens and sloped landscapes.
Incorporate Lighting & Heaters
Extend outdoor enjoyment into the evenings by installing integrated deck lighting around railings, steps, pathways and other focal points. Adding weatherproof heaters will keep the deck warm and cosy for year-round entertaining. Coordinating Planters & Greenery
Strategically placed planters, shrubbery and vertical gardens help break up decking while pulling the eye outward to the verdant garden surroundings. Use colourful annuals and evergreen perennials to complement the rich hues of the composite boards.
So if you're looking to add value and long-lasting curb appeal to your home through a new outdoor living area, composite decking checks all the boxes.
Ecoscape offers a wide range of composite decking boards and accessories to suit any home, taste and budget. Their excellent customer service, quality products and eye for design are unparalleled. Contact Ecoscape today to bring your dream outdoor space to life!

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