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Factory Heaters | Latest Hot Water Heaters & Boilers on sale


Our family run business has supplied Building Services throughout the UK for over 35 years, so we have an in-depth knowledge of the water heating and warm air heating markets. Our products have been installed nationwide and have become “the engineers choice” with high efficiency levels and reliability meaning we do not get call-backs to site, so customers trust us. However, with over one third of CO2 emissions coming from heating our homes and businesses, we recognise that decarbonising heat must be addressed as a priority.

In support of the UK Government’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, we have developed FACTORY HEATERS LTD so that our lead engineers can take us forward utilising ”next-wave” technologies such as Hydrogen, which work just as well as fossil gas, but without the CO2 emissions - in fact hydrogen produces zero emissions when burned.

With minimum disruption, Hydrogen will make use of the existing network to deliver greener gases, whilst keeping our customers warm and with a constant supply of hot water, whilst still being able to enjoy the flexibility of gas

So at Factory Heaters Ltd we only offer HYDROGEN READY products which will support the challenge of ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS and ensure the most cost-effective and energy efficient solution is supplied whatever your heating requirements i.e. Caravan Parks, Holiday homes, Camp Sites, Hotels, Sports Facilities, Factories, Warehouses, Retail Units, Festivals & Events, Garages, Leisure Facilities, Military Sites, Catering & Restaurants.

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Common questions asked about

1. What types of heaters do you offer for factory heating?

We offer a range of warm air heaters specifically designed for factory heating. Our gas warm air heaters, such as the Winterwarm HR Series and XR+ models, provide efficient and effective heating for large industrial spaces. We also offer electric warm air heaters for factories that prefer electric heating options. These heaters are designed to provide optimal comfort and temperature control for factory environments.

2. Can you provide hot water solutions for caravan parks?

Yes, we offer hot water solutions specifically designed for caravan parks. Our water heaters, including the Rinnai Water Heaters, are suitable for both internal and external installations. These commercial-grade water heaters are highly efficient and reliable, ensuring a constant supply of hot water for caravan park facilities. We also provide ancillaries and accessories to complement our water heaters and ensure a complete hot water solution for caravan parks.

3. What heating options do you offer for nursing homes and residential care homes?

We understand the importance of providing comfortable and efficient heating solutions for nursing homes and residential care homes. We offer a range of heating options specifically designed for these facilities. Our warm air heaters and boilers are suitable for heating individual rooms or entire buildings, providing a warm and cozy environment for residents. We also offer water heaters for hot water supply in these facilities. Our heating solutions prioritize energy efficiency and ease of use to meet the unique needs of nursing homes and residential care homes.

4. Do you provide heating solutions for retail units?

Yes, we offer heating solutions for retail units. Our warm air heaters and boilers are designed to provide efficient and reliable heating for retail spaces. These heating systems can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of retail units, ensuring optimal comfort for both customers and staff. We also offer ancillaries and accessories to complement our heating systems and provide a complete heating solution for retail units.

5. Can you provide heating solutions for sports and leisure clubs?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable environment in sports and leisure clubs. Our range of warm air heaters and boilers are specifically designed to meet the heating needs of these facilities. Whether it's heating a gymnasium, swimming pool area, or changing rooms, our heating solutions are efficient, reliable, and tailored to suit the unique requirements of sports and leisure clubs. We also offer de-stratification fans to improve air circulation and heat distribution in these spaces.

Some reasons to choose

Factory Heating

This company provides heating solutions specifically designed for factories. They understand the unique heating needs of factories and offer efficient and effective heating systems to ensure a comfortable working environment for employees.

Festivals & Events Hot Water

For festivals and events, having access to hot water is essential. This company offers hot water solutions that are portable and easy to set up, making it convenient for organizers to provide hot water for various purposes such as food preparation and sanitation.

Launderette Hot Water

Launderettes require a constant supply of hot water for washing clothes. This company offers reliable hot water solutions specifically designed for launderettes, ensuring that customers can always have access to hot water for their laundry needs.

Leisure Facilities Heating

Leisure facilities such as gyms, spas, and swimming pools require effective heating systems to provide a comfortable environment for their customers. This company offers heating solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of leisure facilities, ensuring optimal comfort for visitors.

Nursing Homes / Residential Care Home Heating

Nursing homes and residential care homes need reliable heating systems to ensure the comfort and well-being of their residents. This company provides heating solutions that are tailored to the needs of nursing homes, offering efficient and consistent heating for a comfortable living environment.
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