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Hidden Gems of Chester: A Rollicking Ride Through Lesser-known Wonders

submitted on 19 November 2023 by

A Connoisseur of the Obscure Sets Forth

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears, for I have traversed the hallowed streets and winding alleys of Chester and emerged with tales of hidden treasures and secret delights that must be shared! We shall not speak of the well-trodden wonders like the Rows or the Roman walls, for their charm is known far and wide, but rather embark on a journey of discovery into the lesser-known gems of this fine city. So buckle up, grab your magnifying glasses and let us begin!

The Curious Case of the Spud-gun Sisters

Our first stop takes us to the unassuming and somewhat shabby exterior of the 'Spud-gun Sisters', a seemingly ordinary fish and chip shop nestled in an alley off Eastgate Street. But, dear adventurers, this is no ordinary chippy! Once inside, you will find yourself surrounded by an unparalleled collection of vintage potato guns, lovingly curated by the eponymous sisters, Edna and Maude. As you munch on your cod and chips, you can peruse the glass cabinets featuring a vast array of spud artillery and engage in lively debate with the knowledgeable sisters on the merits of the various potato-projecting contraptions. A true hidden delight for the secret spud-gun aficionado!

The Museum of Milk Marketing Board Memorabilia

Would you believe me if I told you that tucked away in a Chester suburb lies a veritable treasure trove of milk-related memorabilia? Well, believe it, for the Museum of Milk Marketing Board Memorabilia is a very real and very magical place! Hidden within a garden centre, this unassuming gem is dedicated to the noble pursuit of documenting the history of the Milk Marketing Board. Allow yourself to be whisked away on a journey through time, as you peruse milk bottles, adverts, and an array of other dairy-themed delights, all meticulously catalogued by the museum's dedicated curator, Trevor. You may even be lucky enough to hear Trevor regale you with tales of milk floats and doorstep deliveries of years gone by. A truly udderly delightful experience!

The Hypnotic World of Chester's Paving Slabs

As you meander along Chester's charming streets, cast your gaze downwards and behold the mesmerizing world of paving slabs. A local artist by the name of Arthur Fidget has taken it upon himself to painstakingly etch intricate patterns into the very pavements beneath our feet. It's said that Arthur began his paving slab art as a form of therapy after a particularly harrowing encounter with a hedgehog, and his passion for his chosen medium is evident in the elaborate designs that adorn the city's walkways. Keep your eyes peeled for the ever-elusive 'Two-headed Tapeworm', Arthur's pièce de résistance, said to be hidden somewhere near Chester Cathedral.

Chester's Enchanted Postbox

As you wander the picturesque streets of Chester, you may stumble across a seemingly ordinary red postbox standing proudly on a corner. But beware, for this is no ordinary pillar box! Legend has it that this magical postbox possesses the power to grant wishes to those who deposit a written wish accompanied by an offering of a first-class stamp. While the origins of this enchanted postbox remain shrouded in mystery, the stories of wishes granted are too numerous to dismiss. So pen your heart's desire, affix your stamp and cross your fingers as you post your wish into the enchanted maw of Chester's most magical letter receptacle!

The Cult of the Cross-legged Crow

Finally, we arrive at the most enigmatic hidden gem of Chester: the Cult of the Cross-legged Crow. This secretive society is said to meet in a hidden room beneath the Chester Market, where they gather to pay homage to a large, taxidermied crow perched on a velvet cushion. Rumors abound that this crow is not merely a symbol, but a powerful and ancient deity that bestows supernatural gifts upon its loyal followers. While the truth of these tales remains uncertain, one thing is for sure: the Cult of the Cross-legged Crow is a tantalizing mystery that adds a dash of intrigue to the already enchanting city of Chester. So, fellow explorers, there you have it: a whirlwind tour of the lesser-known gems of Chester, filled with wonder, whimsy, and a healthy helping of the bizarre. So next time you find yourself strolling the storied streets of this fair city, remember to keep your eyes open and your curiosity piqued, for you never know what delightful oddities may be hiding just around the corner.
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