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How You Could Properly Determine if You Need the Services of a Virtual Assistant

submitted on 2 December 2021
The demand for virtual assistant services has skyrocketed over the last few years, as more business people and executives realise the extent of their skills and the benefits they bring. A virtual assistant can be the ideal ally if you are experiencing business growth or donít have enough time to do other non-essential duties for your work or personal life, and they can give you more freedom to do the things you want to do. But feeling that you need one is still different from having proof that you need one, so hereís how you could properly determine if you need the services of a virtual assistant.

Do you need one?
This may be the foremost question on your mind at this point, but one thingís for sure: hiring a professional to work with you on a remote basis will always have its merits. The thing is, virtual assistants arenít your employees Ė you hire them to fulfil a contract or project, and they work as contractors or freelancers. Since they are not your employees, you don't have to deal with employer responsibilities such as National Insurance contributions, medical benefits, holiday and sick leaves, and employee taxes. It's a significant benefit in itself, and alongside this comes the fact that you will only pay them for the actual work they do, thus saving you more money as well.

But going back to the question: do you need one? You may want to get one if you:
  • Are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of tasks you have to accomplish and can hardly fit it all into your regular workday
  • Have too much paperwork to deal with, and neither you nor your staff can adequately deal with it without letting go of more essential tasks
  • Would like to make use of your time wisely and productively and are tired of doing tasks that are not essential, such as answering emails and calls, managing your schedule, keeping your database updated, and managing your website or social media accounts
  • Cannot fit another full-time employee into your budget or donít want to add to your responsibility as a regular employer
  • Need to find a way to deal with rising stress or anxiety effectively
  • Need someone to tackle a task that you donít have the skills for or donít have time to educate yourself on.
A virtual assistant can perform many tasks and duties for you, and their skills aren't just relegated to data entry or secretarial work. Here's a list of the jobs they can do:
  • Managing your office
  • Managing your database and spreadsheets
  • Booking your appointments and handling your schedule and diary
  • Finding ways to market your business online, such as coming up with a strategic business plan or digital marketing campaign
  • Dealing with your SEO requirements as well as your IT requirements, photo editing, graphic design, and website management/design
  • Handling your accounting/bookkeeping needs plus your payroll requirements
  • Creating blog entries and managing your social media platforms
  • Handling various personal tasks, such as budgeting, running your household, and so on.
Whilst itís true that you may well be able to handle all the above yourself, a virtual assistant gives you other, more invaluable benefits: freedom from stress combined with peace of mind.

Article kindly provided by pink-spaghetti.co.uk


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