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How to Buy Your First Motorcycle

submitted on 16 November 2022 by
Considering purchasing your first motorcycle? We examine what factors are important while selecting a bicycle.

More and more middle-aged and senior citizens are taking the plunge into the world of two-wheeled transportation, and they're having a blast doing it! Such a strategy has several advantages, not the least of which is the greater accessibility of resources like money and common sense, neither of which are particularly well-known among youngsters.

Here are some of our best recommendations to ensure that you make the proper choice when purchasing your first motorbike.

In spite of the size of your financial plan, you must allocate a certain percentage to the purchase of safety gear. Many riders also choose to wear a waterproof suit, fitted leathers, a fluorescent vest, and thermal underwear in addition to the required protective boots, gloves, pants, and jacket as well as a quality crash helmet. Even with careful selection, the ultimate cost will be in the hundreds of dollars. However, if it means getting a somewhat slower/older/higher-mileage motorbike, I'd rather spend the extra money on safety gear. If you're switching to motorcycling from driving a vehicle, you may be startled at how often you'll need to buy new tyres on top of insurance, tax, and the cost of the first servicing.

Style of motorbike
You should think about the kind of trips you want to do on it; someone who plans to commute large distances on the highway with a pillion passenger will need a different bike than someone who plans to cruise slowly around the countryside for an hour at a time. Even though I'd be the first to say that when it comes to motorbikes, looks are essential, I beg you not to put form before function. There is an abundance of stylish motorcycles available for purchase.

It's like pizza: If you're going to have one, get the biggest one you can. I haven't seen a motorcyclist who gave up the ride because the engine was too huge, but I have known plenty who upgraded their 250cc bike after just a few months. If you're torn between a 350cc and a 500cc engine, and logic isn't helping you decide, go with the bigger engine. If you plan on doing a lot of riding in the city, though, you may find that a lighter, more maneuverable bike that is simpler to weave through traffic better suits your needs.

Are you looking for anything brand new or something used?
In addition to being trustworthy and containing a full guarantee, brand-new bikes are also a certain way to win over complete strangers. Who cares what other people say, especially if you can get a good used motorbike at a respectable price and insure it with an off-the-shelf aftermarket guarantee against mechanical disaster. The truth is, there is a lot to be said about riding a little tatty motorcycle for a year or two if you are new to motorcycling or rediscovering long-forgotten abilities. For example, if you drop a 10,000 motorbike, it will hurt a lot more than if you dropped a 2,000 bike.

Keep calm
I know I just told you to obtain the largest bike you can afford, but you should know that today's 500cc motorcycles are far more powerful than the ones you rode when you were younger. If you're a newbie rider, take your time becoming acclimated and don't forget that the throttle may be turned in either way.
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