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How to Design an Outdoor Modular Classroom

submitted on 10 February 2021 by springfieldsteelbuildings.com

With the number of children in school increasing every year, there has been a strain put on schools with more children filling classrooms, which were simply not designed to hold such numbers. With the scrapping of the ‘Building Schools for our Future’ scheme in 2010, head teachers and governors are having to be more creative with how they create enough space for the numbers of children who will be attending their schools. One option, which is valuable and affordable is investing in modular classrooms. Here is a guide on how to create the perfect modular space in your school.

Choosing the perfect site on your school’s land is the first step. You must remember several things. Firstly, the construction work which will be required will cause disruption (albeit minimal) to your school’s daily life, so should be located in a position where it will cause as little interruption as possible. Another factor is that the classrooms will need to be located, if possible, in a naturally light environment that will flood the classrooms with natural light. The natural light will create a warm, comfortable feeling in the classroom making it easier for children to pay attention in the classroom. Finally, you should choose a place, which is easily accessible to students, teachers and other staff so as to ensure health and safety standards are met and that there is no delay in the daily timetable for students when attending classes.

The Structure
Once you have chosen the location for your modular classrooms, you need to consider the structure. How do you want the classrooms to be built? Will you choose single or two-storey classrooms? What material would you like to use? What kind of classes will be taught in the classrooms? How many students will be using them? The answers to these questions will be dependent upon your project, budget and needs. The materials can create totally different feelings; for example the timber frames may be more appropriate for an arts classroom, giving the feeling of creativity and a natural look. Though a two storey modular classroom is something you may not have envisaged, it gives a more permanent feel to the classrooms.

What Will be Taught in the Rooms?
With the structure chosen, it is important to remember that these classrooms will be functional spaces for teaching. They are an investment for the school but will need to be carefully used according to the subject taught. For example, a food or computer room will require more power points than a maths classroom so for I.T or cooking classes, you will need to spend more time ensuring they are up to the standards required for teaching specific subjects which may result in a longer build time.

Though simply erecting a modular classroom may seem like a simple process, you must choose the correct build for your school. Consider hiring a company that is experienced in the education sector and may be able not only to provide the building work, but also give you advice on the best structure for you.


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