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How to Replace Your Fitbit Strap

submitted on 27 February 2023 by
Fitbit makes some proper fitness and activity trackers. There is however an issue with Fitbit's straps, as they can often break or wear after some time. Fitting a proper replacement strap for your Fitbit is pretty easy though, and in this step-by-step guide we'll explain how you change your Fitbit strap.

Step 1: Find a replacement strap

Finding your replacement strap is not that hard, there are many different websites where a replacement Fitbit strap can be found. A good place to start is Smartwatch-Straps, experts on smartwatch straps with a wide range of Fitbit straps for sale.

Step 2: Remove your old strap

Removing your old strap can be done pretty easily. Simply slide the strap pins open, and undo your old strap. By sliding open the pins, the strap will detach itself. Do the same for both sides.

Step 3: Replace your strap

To replace your strap, all you have to do is the reverse of removing your strap. Pull back on the pin, and clip your new Fitbit strap into place. Make sure the new strap is attached properly before you use your Fitbit tracker again.

Changing a Fitbit Charge or Versa strap

Some Fitbit models use a button system instead. In this case, instead of sliding a pin to open the old strap, you can use the button that's located near the connector of your strap. Push this button and remove your old strap. Make sure the new strap clicks into place properly before using your smartwatch again.

What Fitbit replacement strap should I choose?

There's several different kinds of Fitbit straps to choose from. The most popular of which is the silicone strap, which can be recognized as the typical strap you get when you buy a new Fitbit smartwatch. These straps are made of silicone which is water resistant and durable. This makes it a great material for daily wear or wear during sports.Nylon straps are also very popular for daily wear as they're very comfortable. The durable nylon material offers a lot of benefits for daily wear. Most of these straps come with a convenient velcro closure, but they can sometimes also be found with traditional buckles.For metal or Milanese straps, you'll have to look a bit further. These straps can be found on most expert retailers of Fitbit straps. Milanese straps are particularly popular as they feature a very refined look for your smartwatch. They're light and flexible because of the metal mesh material used. Leather is of course a classic material to use for your Fitbit strap. This gives a classic and formal look to your smartwatch. Make sure to visit Smartwatch-Straps if you want to order a Fitbit strap in the U.K. Avoid pricy and lengthy shipping from China by ordering your new Fitbit strap directly from the UK.

Do I need a genuine Fitbit strap?

While you can order a genuine Fitbit strap, modern manufacturing techniques means that any brand will fit perfectly. Often times, the quality of these straps can be higher due to a higher focus on the topic. Genuine Fitbit straps are also lacking in colour and material options.
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