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How to choose the Best Exhibition Stand or Display for Your business

submitted on 18 September 2017

In a crowded exhibition hall or trade show venue, itís essential that your company stands out, so as to grab attention of attendees, and draw them in to learn more about what you offer. Creating an amazing exhibition stand or display is one of the key methods of achieving this. There are various options when it comes to a stand or display for use at an event, exhibition or trade show.

Most exhibition stands, especially pop up stands are of a modular design nowadays, allowing you to customise your exhibition stand to the exact size and shape required depending on the venue and your presentation strategy.

Many companies offering such display stands offer a completely integrated turn-key solution to guarantee you success at any exhibition.

What can you expect?

Exhibition stand design and construction often includes:
  • 3D design
  • Graphic design, printing, and manufacture
  • Customisation for inclusion of communications, technology, etc.
Before you finalise the design specifications, you should carefully consider your requirements in terms of functionality for exhibitions, events, etc. to ensure that the stand incorporates all the features you will need on a regular basis.

Purchase or rent?
If you frequently present at exhibitions and trade shows, purchasing a display stand or booth might be the way to go as youíll no doubt get a good return on your investment for a fully utilised exhibition display, pop banner, and other presentation materials. However, if your budget is tight, or your attendance at an exhibition or trade show is a one-off or infrequent event, consider renting the core display unit for the required time, and complementing it with customised pop banners and displays specifically targeting the event attendees.

Alternative exhibition displays
If youíre not convinced that you need a full-on customised exhibition display stand, consider using either a banner stand or pop up stands for such events These two options are highly portable, lightweight, and yet supremely durable, making assembly and dismantling a piece of cake; often able to be done by just one person. Graphic design can include text or images to help promote your business and brand or to highlight a product launch, special offer, etc.

This option is also ideal for small businesses which might attend various events during the year and need a good degree of flexibility and practicality, without stretching the budget too far.
Whether you opt for a fully customised exhibition display, banner stands or pop up displays, make sure your display design truly represents your business and brand. Consider the message you want to impart to event attendees, and craft the content of your display carefully to achieve maximum impact. Make it clear, concise, and appealing, and youíll be sure to attract plenty of attention.


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