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We create customised, interactive and advanced training to safeguard your values, culture and commercial strategy are built into every course. We offer a range of training courses covering, Leadership and Management, Sales, Service and Marketing, Human Resources, Business and Personal Skills, Finance, Lean & Six Sigma and 90 Minute Training Sessions. We can help your business develop into a sector leader.

Providing their employees with advanced training programs, painstakingly developed in order to guarantee significant increases in personal and organisational performance. We also offer business consultancy and coaching, both as a standalone service or as support to instruction programmes.

Six Sigma Training Courses

A whole lot of people think Six Sigma is only for project managers or supervisors of a department and they could not be more wrong it is for anyone! Recently we have been certifying salespeople, HR staff, operational staff, IT roles, Procurement etc..

It really does not matter what the function is, what issue is are you looking for new ways to enhance what you are currently doing, or believe or new ways of becoming better if the answer is yes, then six sigma is for you!

Six Sigma can help us with problems such as failing to deliver on time, within the initial price, not providing the right quality of product or service and even not staying ahead of market innovations and customer expectations.

When things aren't right do we investigate what went wrong, where it went wrong & place new procedures or systems in place to stop it happening again? Do we place permanent correct actions (PCA) in place so that we continually get better at what we do? Ultimately we need too so that we can continually improve by having the Continuous Improvement (CI) mindset being pushed within the business this is especially important when competition is fierce.

And it is not just about looking at what went wrong it's also about focusing on what client's value in doing business with us. This isn't only about product characteristics or customer support although data will probably be uncovered that will result in improvement opportunities in these and other areas. What it's about is the requirements of buyers when making a significant purchase decision.

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Common questions asked about

1. What types of training courses does Sales Training International offer?

Sales Training International offers a wide range of training courses including face-to-face training, virtual training, lean and six sigma, telesales training, web chat training, customer service training, business and personal skills, communication skills, human resources training, management training, performance management, and finance training. They have a diverse portfolio to cater to the specific needs of different industries and organizations.

2. How experienced is Sales Training International?

Sales Training International has over 20 years of experience in delivering international sales training and consultancy. They have trained delegates in over 80 countries and in 8 different languages. With a track record of working with famous brands and small organizations, they have gained extensive expertise in the field of sales training and have a proven record of success.

3. What is the guarantee offered by Sales Training International?

Sales Training International offers a 100% ROI guarantee, meaning if you do not achieve a return on investment from their training courses, they will refund your money. This guarantee reflects their confidence in the effectiveness of their training programs and their commitment to delivering tangible results for their clients. It provides assurance to organizations that their investment in sales training will yield measurable benefits.

4. What is the rating of Sales Training International?

Sales Training International has a 5-star Trustist rating, indicating the high level of satisfaction among their clients. This rating is based on feedback and reviews from organizations that have utilized their training services. It serves as a testament to the quality and effectiveness of their training programs and the positive impact they have had on the sales performance of their clients.

5. Does Sales Training International provide free resources?

Yes, Sales Training International offers free resources to support the learning and development of individuals and organizations. These resources include sales training courses, which can be accessed online, providing valuable insights and knowledge to enhance sales skills. The availability of free resources demonstrates their commitment to empowering individuals and organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in sales.

Some reasons to choose

Wide Range of Training Courses

Sales Training International Ltd offers a wide range of training courses, including face to face training, virtual training, and consultancy. They provide training in various areas such as Lean and Six Sigma, Telesales, Web Chat, Customer Service, Business and Personal Skills, Communication Skills, Human Resources, Management, Performance Management, and Finance. This ensures that individuals and organizations can find the specific training they need to improve their skills and performance.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

With over 20 years of experience in delivering international sales training and consultancy, Sales Training International Ltd has built a team of experienced and knowledgeable trainers. Their team members have expertise in various industries and are equipped with the latest industry insights and best practices. This ensures that the training provided is relevant, up-to-date, and tailored to the specific needs of the clients.

Proven Track Record

Sales Training International Ltd has trained delegates from over 80 countries in 8 different languages. With more than 20,000 satisfied delegates, they have a proven track record of delivering effective training and achieving positive results. This demonstrates their ability to adapt to different cultural and linguistic contexts and effectively transfer knowledge and skills to diverse audiences.

Guaranteed Return on Investment

Sales Training International Ltd offers a 100% return on investment guarantee. If clients do not see a return on their investment in the training provided, they will receive their money back. This guarantee reflects the confidence that Sales Training International Ltd has in the effectiveness of their training programs and their commitment to delivering tangible results for their clients.

High Trust Rating

Sales Training International Ltd has received a 5-star Trustist rating. This rating is based on customer reviews and testimonials, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction and trust in the company's services. The positive feedback from previous clients further reinforces the reputation and credibility of Sales Training International Ltd as a reliable and reputable training provider.
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