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An interview with Karen Bowden from Vectis Karma Ltd

About Karen Bowden

I started this business in 2013 and love promoting Incense and engaging with our customers - helping and advising them on Incense types, brands and fragrances.

I work for Vectis Karma Ltd

The Interview

What steps do you take to stand out from your competition?

Rich, detailed and unique product descriptions. Along with lots of value-add content like articles and an onsite blog.

What made you get into the business you're in?

When looking to start my own small business I knew it had to be something I could be passionate about. Having used Incense for many years, I turned an interest into a business.

Is your business a lifestyle business, or are you always looking for continious growth?

Both! My intention is not to become a big company (as if!), so having it fit in with family life is important. However, growth is important - so I'm always open to new opportunities or methods to help expand sales.

What's the biggest problem you are currently facing with running your business?

The paperwork and associated responsibility with the accounts, VAT etc. It's a pain but HAS to be taken seriously.

What works best when talking with your clients/customers - an informal or formal style of communication?

Yes, informal ... but more importantly, I aim to be quick, clear and content-rich. I don't do sloppy, lower case one-line emails! I take my business, specialty and customer service seriously.

Is the customer always right?

No - but they are King and I treat them as such. (c)2009 - 2020