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An interview with Lewis Helsby from Custom Uniforms

About Lewis Helsby

I am one of the founders of the Company.

I work for Custom Uniforms

The Interview

Do you find social media effective in marketing your business, or do you think it's overhyped?

In the personalised clothing industry, social media is very effective if used correctly. It all depends on your target customer and the industry you are in. Some industries wouldn't get good results on social media and it would be a waste of time and money.

How much do you rely upon word-of-mouth marketing?

Word of mouth marketing is very effective and shouldn't be underestimated. A large portion of our work comes from word of mouth. Offer great customer service and make sure your products/services are to a high standard.

What's the most annoying type of spam email that clogs up your inbox?

The most annoying spam emails are people claiming to make us top of google with their seo services. Most of them emails are spammy and very unconvincing

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

We saw an uncontested keyword on Google and decided to start an online shop specifically to target that niche

What's the biggest problem you are currently facing with running your business?

We stock a wide range of products so it's trying to narrow down keywords to optimise for first (c)2009 - 2020