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An interview with Marty Rogers from Liverpool SEO Marty

About Marty Rogers

I am an SEO based in Liverpool, helping small business owners to make an impact online with whatever budget they can afford.

I work for Liverpool SEO Marty

The Interview

What steps do you take to stand out from your competition?

I try to speak with my clients and potential clients like human beings, and I don't use boring and confusing buzzwords. I'm also always working and learning, after 5PM, on weekends, on days off. I am extremely dedicated to my craft and stay ahead of all industry changes.

How much do you rely upon word-of-mouth marketing?

Word-of-mouth marketing is usually the biggest driver of new business for marketing freelancers or marketing agencies. If you do a good job for somebody, they're naturally going to rave about you to their friends and fellow business owners.

What made you get into the business you're in?

I started learning about SEO back in 2006 after I started a MySpace layout site and needed to learn how to drive traffic to it. Many years of failures, successes and trial and error later and I feel I have the knowledge that can benefit a lot of businesses by helping them to drive more traffic to their websites from Google using SEO.

What's the thing you hate the most about the industry you're in?

It's full of a lot of pretenders and frauds, which gives the rest of us a bad name. They read a blog post about SEO and suddenly they're experts able to help business owners, and when they fail it gives the rest of us a bad name.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Spend a lot of time learning. The majority of people on planet earth work 9-5, that's average, that's normal, but if you want to be better you need to do more than they are. Be dedicated and outwork other people. You simply cannot fail then.

Is the customer always right?

Definitely not, especially when it comes to SEO. I'm the expert. But at the same time it's my job to ensure they understand what I am doing and how the whole process works, basically manage their expectations. (c)2009 - 2020