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Knowledge Powered Solutions


Knowledge Management Solutions

Knowledge Powered Solutions (KPS) specialise in providing Knowledge Management (KM) solutions for Call Centres, Service Desks and Shared Service Environments.

The KPS product provides Customer Service staff, internal / external customers and citizen's access to vital knowledge quickly and easily through a simple to use natural language interface.

Public and private sector organisations around the world use the KPS product to deliver productivity gains whilst also enabling an enhanced customer service experience for both agent and customer alike.

Our Solutions & Products:knowledge management solutions & software
knowledge management configurationknowledge management supportweb self service solutions & softwareknowledgebase solutions & software
Sectors we provide solutions to:
contact centre solutionsservice desk solutionsIT service desk solutions

Our Customers and Partners

We work with over 100 organizations worldwide, including Credit Suisse, Serco, United HealthCare, BT, Stanford University Hospital & Clinics, Silah Gulf (Bahrain), Contact 121 (Australia) and the Department of Transport (UK & Australia) together with many customers who have implemented the system through our growing partner network. These include Network Rail, City of Minneapolis, City of Toronto, Aberdeenshire Council, Surrey Police, Toyota and many others.

A deeper dive into

Common questions asked about

1. What is Knowledge Powered Solutions (KPS) and what do they offer?

KPS is a company that offers Knowledge Management Software to empower employees and improve customer service for organizations worldwide. Their Knowledge Management System is used in various areas such as internal employee sharing, Contact Centres, Service Desks, Web Self Service, and Shared Service Centres. It helps increase productivity, reduce operational costs, improve customer service, and enable organizations to leverage their corporate knowledge effectively.

2. How does KPS's Knowledge Management System benefit organizations?

KPS's Knowledge Management System increases productivity by providing a simple-to-use and administer platform for capturing, sharing, and searching information. It reduces operational costs by streamlining knowledge sharing processes and improving efficiency. Additionally, it enhances customer service by providing a more extensive customer service offering and empowering employees with instant knowledge through Natural Language Search technology.

3. What is Natural Language Search and how does it work?

Natural Language Search is a powerful proprietary technology in the KPS knowledge management platform. It allows users to ask questions in their own words and provides instant knowledge by understanding the context of the user's question. The system continuously learns from user feedback, ensuring an evolving understanding of question context and delivering accurate search results without the need for manual tagging of content.

4. Can KPS's Knowledge Management System integrate with existing documentation?

Yes, KPS's Knowledge Management System allows for powerful knowledge creation and capture. It can index and reference existing documentation, enabling organizations to leverage their existing knowledge assets. This integration ensures a comprehensive knowledge base and facilitates easy access to relevant information for employees, agents, and customers.

5. How can I learn more about KPS and their Knowledge Management Software?

To learn more about KPS and their Knowledge Management Software, you can visit their website at The website provides detailed information about their services, products, and the benefits they offer. Additionally, you can contact KPS directly through their website to request a demo or get in touch with their team for any specific inquiries or requirements you may have.

Some reasons to choose

Knowledge Sharing Solutions

The company offers knowledge sharing solutions that enable organizations to capture, share, and search information. Their knowledge management system is simple to use and administer, making it easy for employees to access and contribute to the knowledge base.

Increased Productivity

By implementing the company's knowledge management system, organizations can increase productivity. Employees can quickly find the information they need, reducing the time spent searching for answers. This allows them to focus on their tasks and complete them more efficiently.

Reduced Operational Costs

The company's knowledge management software helps reduce operational costs for organizations. By providing a centralized knowledge base, employees can access information without the need for constant assistance from support teams. This reduces the workload on support staff and allows them to focus on more complex issues.

Improved Customer Service

Implementing the company's knowledge management system improves customer service. With a comprehensive knowledge base, support agents can quickly find accurate information to assist customers. This results in faster response times and more effective problem resolution, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Natural Language Search

The company's knowledge management platform features a powerful proprietary Natural Language Search technology. This allows users to ask questions in their own words, making it easier to find the information they need. The system learns from user interactions, constantly improving its understanding of context and providing more accurate search results.
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