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16 September 2015

Lightning Fast Ways to Build Brand Awareness

You’ve probably noticed how some of today’s best known brands seem to have popped up out of nowhere and become an amazing success. You’re probably wondering how this is possible – is it the result of the brands being owned by billionaires who can afford to pay any money to accelerate their brand’s awareness, or is it just that they sell products that are absolute genius ideas? The answer to these is neither – creating lightning fast brand awareness requires nothing but a lot of creativity, and it’s entirely possible for you to apply a number of techniques in order to see your brand awareness rapidly grow. We’ve put together just some of the best ideas used by the leading brands.

Partner with Other Brands
Buddying up and working with other, more well-known brands is a sure fire way to ensure that your brand awareness grows. By associating your brand name with other brands who already have a high level of brand awareness, you’re putting your brand name out there to a wider audience who may never have noticed or discovered your brand beforehand. You don’t actually have to form a partnership with another brand in order to do this, as getting involved in sponsorships etc. is often very effective.

Refer a Friend
It’s a well-known fact that potential customers are more likely to use and trust a brand that is used and trusted by their friends and family members. Many companies take advantage of this by asking their existing customers to refer a friend to their service and offering them something free in return if the person they refer signs up to the service or buys a product. Offering your customers free vouchers and gifts in return for getting you more custom is a great way to get your brand name out there as well as building your customer base rapidly.

Customers like to visualise a product and speak to somebody who works for the company in person even in today’s digital age where a lot of purchases and communications are done online. For this reason, an exhibition stand is a great way of building your brand’s awareness, and you can hold them in a number of different places such as conferences or events, depending on your target audience. If you’re planning to set up an exhibition stand you will need to make it stand out in order to make your brand stand out to customers. Offering unusual and useful free gifts is just one way to do this, and of course the design of your exhibition stand should be top priority – you’ll want something that grabs the attention of customers and makes them want to learn more about your brand straight away.

Do you own a brand that has a good level of brand awareness? How did you achieve the result you want and make more people aware of your brand? If you’ve got any tips for other business owners, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

This article was kindly contributed by Finesse Exhibitions - professional exhibition stand design.
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