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Monkhouse & Company deliver targeted coaching and strategy expertise to high-growth companies and ambitious leaders. Led by Certified Business Coach, Dominic Monkhouse, leaders looking to gain clearer direction and improved profitability can benefit from scaling up workshops, rockefeller habits business coaching, agile business coaching and unique growth roadmaps for exceptional results.

Dominic Monkhouse has worked over 2,700 mid-sized businesses and CEOs to help them scale faster and experience more success. Monkhouse & Company highlight the connection between business performance and the professional development of their leadership team. Their coaching sessions are backed by many years of expertise and experience, as well as a proven process that has helped thousands of businesses see incredible results. They've helped businesses overcome a number of challenges, from developing a positive company culture to identifying the best opportunities and hiring top talent.

Leadership teams and CEOs can make use of high-quality resources and expert guidance to overcome obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their full potential. To book a strategy session with a business coach in London and beyond, call the team at Monkhouse & Company today.

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Common questions asked about

1. How can Monkhouse & Company help me scale my business?

Monkhouse & Company offers business coaching services to help leaders accelerate their growth and achieve sustainable business models. Their experienced coaches can assist in identifying and overcoming challenges, finding a unique position in the market, and building trust within your team. With a track record of scaling UK tech firms from zero to 30m in just five years, Monkhouse & Company has the expertise to guide you towards achieving 20%+ growth year over year.

2. What is the significance of a high-performance leadership team?

A high-performance leadership team is crucial for the success of any business. Monkhouse & Company emphasizes the importance of strategic direction, execution, change management, and being exit ready. By working with their coaches, you can develop a leadership team that drives growth, creates a great place to work, and ensures your business is prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

3. How have Monkhouse & Company's clients benefited from their services?

Monkhouse & Company's clients have experienced significant growth, ranging from 50-100% year on year. Testimonials from CEOs and directors highlight the invaluable experience and guidance provided by Monkhouse & Company's founder, Dominic. Clients have achieved impressive results, such as 500% growth within the first five months and winning prestigious awards for being the best company to work for.

4. Where is Monkhouse & Company located?

Monkhouse & Company is based 90 minutes southwest of London. While their physical location is in the UK, they work with purpose-led leaders and entrepreneurial organizations around the world. Their coaching services are not limited by geographical boundaries, allowing them to support clients globally.

5. How can I book a call with Monkhouse & Company?

To book a call with Monkhouse & Company, simply visit their website and navigate to the 'Book a Call' section. Fill out the necessary information, including your name, contact details, and a brief description of your business and goals. Their team will then reach out to schedule a call and discuss how they can assist you in scaling your business and achieving your objectives.

Some reasons to choose

Accelerate your growth

Our business coaches can help you accelerate your growth, allowing you to achieve a 20% increase in revenue year over year. With our guidance, you can scale your technology business and reach new heights.

Build trust in your team

We understand the importance of having a strong and trustworthy team. Our coaching services can help you build trust within your team, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. By creating a team that works well together, you can achieve your business goals more effectively.

Track record of success

We have a proven track record of success in scaling businesses. With our expertise, we have successfully scaled two UK tech firms from zero to 30 million in just five years. Our experience and knowledge can help guide you towards achieving similar growth and success.

High workshop value

Our workshops have received exceptional feedback from our clients. We have a 100% satisfaction rate, with all participants rating our workshops a perfect 10 out of 10 for their value. By attending our workshops, you can gain valuable insights and strategies to drive your business forward.

Impressive client growth

Our clients have experienced significant growth under our guidance. Many have seen their businesses grow between 50-100% year on year. For example, one client experienced a 500% growth within the first five months of working with us. Our coaching can help you achieve similar levels of growth and success.
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