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No.1 Hair Transplant | FUE Hair Transplant: FUE Clinics


Hair Transplants

FUE Clinics are the UK's leading hair transplant and hair restoration services provider. Having been established since 2007, we have accrued one of the most enviable reputations for providing the highest level of care, strictest attention to detail and superior results. 

FUE Hair Transplant

Our approach to treatment is solely objective to our patient demands and needs. It is for that reason we specialise in hair restoration and hair loss treatments exclusively. Our niche keeps us at the forefront of clinical excellence in all types of hair transplant techniques from FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) to preventative medicinal treatments such as finasteride and dutasteride.

Hair Transplant Clinic

As a full spectrum provider exclusive to hair restoration, we assure our patients that every element of our service is provided in house by our elite medical team of professionals, we never out-source to a third party or abroad. We genuinely care about our patients as individuals and are empathetic to their concerns. At FUE Clinics, we invest the time to fully understand our patient's expectations to ensure they meet our strict eligibility criteria. We will never accept a patient unless we're confident the result they desire is achievable. We will never sell any treatment or financially provoke our patients to make decisions they are not yet ready to commit to wholeheartedly.

Attention to detail

Whether it's advising you on a cheaper, but more effective solution or arranging the best time and financing options, we don't cut any corners.We achieve aesthetically natural results which last longer that quick fixes. And with our monthly repayment options (including interest free) we truly want you to simple envision a brighter future. It's success guaranteed, or you get a free re-treatment.

Friendly and professional

As a family business we know now important communication and an understanding of your situation are. We make sure the process is painless, quick and that you feel like home. Only we have access to our surgeons. We don't work with freelancers as you deserve a level of attention and care only a committed professional can deliver.

5-star hotel experience

From initial consultation through treatment and after-cure support, we guide you step by step. You receive personalised attention and advice so you can relax knowing you've made the right choice. You are the only operation of the day. We're fully dedicated and focused on the success of your treatment.

Clarity and transparency

We want you to be comfortable and confident. You'll know the ins and outs of each procedure and what's your best option. Both in terms of process and costs. We're UK based and all aspects of our treatments are provided exclusively in-house. This helps us maintain an outstanding standard of quality.

A deeper dive into

Common questions asked about

1. What financing options are available for hair transplant procedures?

Answer: FUE Clinics offers 12 and 24-month interest-free 0% finance options for hair transplant procedures. This allows patients to spread the cost of their treatment over a longer period without incurring any additional interest charges. To find out more about these financing options, you can click on the provided link on our website.

2. What are the different types of hair transplant treatments offered?

Answer: FUE Clinics provides a range of hair transplant treatments, including FUE hair transplants, FUT hair transplants, hair transplants for women, beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, body hair transplants, scalp plasma therapy, and forehead reduction surgery. Each treatment is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the patient, ensuring natural-looking and long-lasting results.

3. How long does a hair transplant last?

Answer: The longevity of a hair transplant depends on various factors, including the individual's natural hair growth cycle, the quality of the donor hair, and the post-operative care. In general, a hair transplant can provide permanent results as the transplanted hair follicles are resistant to the effects of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hormone responsible for hair loss. However, it's important to note that the existing natural hair may continue to thin over time, requiring additional treatments or maintenance.

4. What is the difference between getting a hair transplant in the UK versus Turkey?

Answer: The decision to get a hair transplant in the UK or Turkey depends on various factors, including cost, quality of care, and personal preference. While both countries have reputable clinics and skilled surgeons, Turkey is often more affordable due to lower labor and operational costs. However, it's essential to research and choose a reputable clinic with experienced surgeons, regardless of the location, to ensure safe and successful results.

5. What can I expect during the recovery period after a hair transplant?

Answer: The recovery period after a hair transplant varies from person to person, but most patients can expect some swelling, redness, and scabbing in the recipient area. These side effects are temporary and typically subside within a week or two. It's important to follow the post-operative instructions provided by the clinic, which may include avoiding strenuous activities, protecting the scalp from direct sunlight, and using prescribed medications or topical treatments. Full recovery and the growth of new hair can take several months, with final results visible after 9-12 months.

Some reasons to choose

Flexible Financing Options

The company offers 12 and 24 month interest-free 0% finance options for their hair transplant procedures. This allows customers to spread out the cost of the treatment and make it more affordable.

Wide Range of Treatments

FUE Clinics provides a variety of hair transplant treatments, including FUE and FUT hair transplants, hair transplants for women, beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, body hair transplants, scalp plasma therapy, and forehead reduction surgery. This ensures that customers can find the specific treatment that suits their needs.

Positive Testimonials

The company has a collection of video testimonials from satisfied patients who have undergone hair transplant procedures. These testimonials serve as social proof and can help potential customers feel more confident in choosing FUE Clinics for their hair transplant.

Convenient Online Consultation

FUE Clinics offers an online consultation service, allowing customers to discuss their hair transplant needs with an expert from the comfort of their own home. This saves time and eliminates the need for in-person consultations.

Instant Quotation and Booking

Customers can receive an instant quote for a hair transplant and book a free consultation online 24/7. This convenience makes it easy for customers to take the first steps towards getting a hair transplant without any delay.
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Average score of 5 from 213 reviews

"Amazing results!!! My crown was completely bald before my Fue transplant in May 2019. Now 9 month's on and I have a full head of hair!!! And it's still growing!!! Fue Clinics were brilliant!! I'm so glad I made the move and did it!! It's changed my life!! All the team were amazing!! 100% ????"
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"From the initial consultation to my hair transplant and beyond I've found my FUE experience a very positive one, right across the board."
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"My time at FUE was a very positive experience. The team we’re very welcoming and all committed to making me feel comfortable. I was kept up to date and well informed every step of the way, any questions I had were always answered in full. I went for the procedure and was discharged and briefed on aftercare the same day. I couldn’t thank the entire team more!"
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"had my procedure 16 weeks ago and already the results are coming through real good...I have to say going to the dentist is more painful than getting a hair transplant ! I highly recommend getting a ht from Fue clinic ????"
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