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Non Executive Search & Recruitment

Launched in response to the difficulties encountered by many companies in sourcing the right non-execs to create a balanced and experienced board, First Flight is one of the most recognisable board-level recruiters in the country.

Today our indepth knowledge of the market helps us to connect recruiting companies and experienced non-executive directors. So whether you're looking to strengthen your current board, or are a potential or existing non-exec, why not get in contact to see how we can help?

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Common questions asked about

1. What is the role of a Non-Executive?

A Non-Executive Director (NED) is an independent board member who brings external expertise and objectivity to the decision-making process. They provide guidance, oversight, and accountability to the executive team, ensuring that the company's strategy is aligned with its goals. NEDs also contribute to risk management, corporate governance, and stakeholder relations. At First Flight, we specialize in finding highly qualified NEDs who can add value to your board and help drive your organization's success.

2. How can First Flight assist with NED & Chair Search Services?

First Flight offers comprehensive NED and Chair Search Services to help organizations find the right candidates for these crucial roles. Our experienced team utilizes a rigorous selection process, including in-depth interviews, reference checks, and assessments, to identify individuals who possess the necessary skills, experience, and cultural fit. We understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in boardrooms and strive to provide a diverse pool of candidates. Our goal is to ensure a successful match between the organization and the NED or Chair, fostering effective governance and strategic decision-making.

3. What are the Benefits of an Effective Board?

An effective board plays a vital role in the success of an organization. It provides strategic guidance, ensures accountability, and oversees risk management. A well-structured board with diverse expertise and perspectives can bring fresh ideas, challenge the status quo, and drive innovation. It also enhances stakeholder confidence and attracts investors. At First Flight, we help organizations build effective boards by providing expert advice, board evaluations, and tailored solutions to improve governance practices. Our aim is to help organizations maximize their board's potential and achieve sustainable growth.

4. What are the Corporate Seminars offered by First Flight?

First Flight offers Corporate Seminars designed to enhance board effectiveness and professional development. Our seminars cover a range of topics, including governance best practices, board dynamics, strategic planning, risk management, and leadership skills. Led by industry experts, these seminars provide valuable insights and practical tools to improve board performance. Whether you are a board member, executive, or aspiring leader, our seminars offer a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, network with peers, and stay updated on the latest trends in corporate governance.

5. How can First Flight assist with Pre and Post Search Services?

First Flight provides Pre and Post Search Services to support organizations throughout the NED recruitment process. Our Pre Search Services include board evaluations, defining role requirements, and developing a comprehensive search strategy. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and ensure a targeted approach. Post Search Services involve onboarding support, performance evaluations, and ongoing advisory services to help integrate the new NED into the board effectively. Our holistic approach ensures a seamless transition and long-term success for both the organization and the appointed NED.

Some reasons to choose

Improved Board Effectiveness

First Flight was able to improve the effectiveness of the Board by identifying the skills required to achieve the Board's objectives and addressing any gaps or areas for improvement. This resulted in the appointment of two high calibre Non-Executive Directors, including a new Chair, which greatly enhanced the Board's effectiveness.

Board Composition Analysis

First Flight conducted a thorough Board Composition Analysis for Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Authority's trading company, Red One Ltd. This analysis helped identify the skills the Board needed and the skills it already had, allowing for a more strategic approach to Board development.

Search for Independent Chair and Non-Executive Director

Based on the outcomes of the Board Composition Analysis, First Flight was commissioned to conduct a search for an independent Chair and an additional non-executive director. This search helped address an identified skills gap on the Board and resulted in the appointment of highly qualified individuals.

Collaboration with Officers and Members

Throughout the engagement, First Flight worked closely with officers and Members (Councillors) of Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Authority, as well as the board of Red One Ltd. This collaboration ensured a smooth and effective process, leading to successful outcomes.

Role Brief and Description Development

In addition to the Board Composition Analysis and search for new directors, First Flight also developed a role brief, role description, and specification for an independent non-executive director to act as Chair of the Board. This helped clarify the expectations and responsibilities of the role, ensuring a suitable candidate was selected.
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