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Office Equipment Leasing: The Most Important Benefits for Your Business

submitted on 2 November 2017
To put it bluntly: the benefits of leasing your office equipment generally outweigh the benefits of buying it outright Ė and this is certainly the case when it comes to photocopiers, printers, and much of the other electronics you need to maintain a proper office. If you are running a company, itís truly to your advantage to look into leasing, and this goes double if you are a startup and havenít tested the market yet.

Itís understandable if some entrepreneurs are still doubtful Ė after all, there seems to be more security in owning things, as you can count on it when you need it and donít have to answer to anyone else. But thatís only how it seems. Itís a big price to pay, in reality. Why? Hereís all about office equipment leasing: the most important benefits for your business.

Better cash flow
Leasing equipment services (such as photocopier leasing Newbury from CRS Document Solutions) are a great option for those who are in a situation whereby a large initial investment is not ideal (as it may take away funds for other projects), and when a steady but economical monthly fee is more preferable. It not only allows you to avoid large initial expenses, it also lets you plan your monthly expenses Ė and hence your cash flow Ė much better. It ensures reliability and eliminates risk.

No long-term commitment

Startups are never sure about the future (no business is, actually), and committing for the long-term (such as spending a large amount on office equipment) certainly isnít ideal if youíre not sure how long youíll be around, or if you need to upscale or downscale on short notice based on the conditions you are in. When you lease, there is no long-term commitment and hence, no great risk.

Improve tax efficiency
Thatís right: you actually have tax benefits when you lease. Leasing is considered to be a monthly expense (to be deducted) whilst purchasing means incurring capital gains. Youíll be more tax-efficient.

Staying up-to-date
Technology moves quickly, and what is now state-of-the-art is probably a normal thing one year from now. When you lease, you are sure you are always up-to-date and at your most efficient.

When you own, you have maintenance expenses. When you lease, your provider takes care of it all. Operations remain simple.

Hereís one more important part that needs to be mentioned: there is the possibility to change your equipment as the need arises. This means that you can get better or cheaper equipment as your cash flow improves, and it also means that you can upscale or downscale your business seasonally, or when expansion or retraction becomes the most favourable option. It means that you can make decisions more quickly and with better clarity. It means you can focus on whatís important: growing your business.

Article kindly provided by CRS Document Solutions - providers of photocopier leasing in Newbury


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