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6 June 2019

Reasons Why You Need to Hire Roving Security Guards

When it comes to security, you cannot settle for anything less. It is crucial that you have the best security systems in place. However, even when you have security cameras, they are not enough to prevent potential criminals. You also need to invest in security guards who will roam around the area even when the office hours are over.

You want the employees and guests to feel secure
You do not want your employees to think that no one is guarding them while they are carrying out their duties. Unless your office is inside a guarded building, you might have to hire security guards to increase the level of security. Besides, their responsibility is only to guard the company office and nothing else.

You need to protect valuables inside the office
Your office might also have valuable items that require protection by security experts. They will roam around the office after the employees leave to make sure no one attempts to break in. You do not want to lose anything expensive since you might not be able to replace it. Worse, your competitors might also steal essential documents from your company. You need guards to prevent them from doing it. Of course, you also need to have insurance to get your money back if valuable items get stolen.

They are your first line of defence
You need security guards to ensure that no one comes into your office who could pose a threat. You might ban some items like firearms or sharp objects from the area. Security guards will prevent them from coming in. If a visitor resists, they could use force for prevention. They will also help buy time for the employees to secure themselves or provide additional security.

You need to work with local authorities
It is also crucial that you work with local authorities. Security guards do not have the right to arrest anyone, but they can work closely with police officers to ensure that anyone who tries to break in or commit a crime will face the law.

You want to stop inside jobs
It is also possible that the person who betrays the company is someone who works inside. It might be challenging to catch this person, but security officers could track potential suspects. They will make reports if they find anything suspicious until you can catch the person who might possibly bring your company down.

You need security guards to keep the place protected from bad elements in society. You can talk to a security agency to discuss your needs. Make sure that you state what you want. You might have to spend more for this service, but security is something you cannot afford to compromise.

Article kindly provided by - Security Oxford
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