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Registration FAQs to Help You Understand the CQC

submitted on 4 March 2021 by
If you are planning to start providing health or adult social care services, you must be ready to undergo Care Quality Commission Registration. This registration is a must for regulated services providers in the UK before they access the market.

CQC will use this registration to examine your organisation's ability to provide high-quality services to your clients. They will also use the process to check the professionalism of the people leading the organisation.

Since CQC have designed the registration to raise the standards of health and adult social care service, the process is detailed, lengthy and frustrating. That is why you need the services of CQC registration compliance consultants like us. The consultancy services help with care quality commission registration process.

What Is CQC Registration?
CQC registration means that providers of health and adult care services must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This regulation ensures that patients can expect high-quality services from all providers.

Do I Need CQC Registration?
You are only required to register with CQC if you are a provider of care. Regulated services include adult social care, NHS services, Independent healthcare, dentists and GP out-of-hours services. A provider can be an organisation, an individual GP, or a partnership.

What Is Compliance In Care?
Compliance in care is the process of following the rules, regulation and laws related to the industry.

What Are the Three Types of CQC Inspections?
The three types of inspection are:
  • Scheduled inspections: these inspections are planned by CQC and can happen at any time
  • Responsive inspections: These are inspections that happen due to a specific and immediate concern.
  • Themed inspections: This is an inspection aimed at a particular type of care issue in one or several care sectors. For example, nutrition in hospitals and care homes.
What Happens If You Fail A CQC Inspection?
If CQC finds out that your service is not meeting the standards, they can take actions against you, depending on the situation. If your services don't meet the standards, but the impact on the people using the service is minor, CQC will most likely ask you to send them an action plan on how to meet the set standards if they find out that. However, they can take further action, including prosecution, if you continue not to meet the standards.

How Do I Apply For CQC Registration?
The process of registration starts with filling a CQC register application form, which you can download from their website. You should fill the CQC register form in word and send it to CQC via email. Contact us at Inspire To Outstand help with care quality commission registration for help on completing the form.
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