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Rugby Aesthetics Clinic

Daisy Aesthetics, situated in Rugby, is a distinguished Cosmetic Medicine and Wellness Clinic that specializes in non-surgical treatments. The clinic is led by Dr. Dupinder Lall, an Aesthetic Clinician and Dentist, who is renowned for her expertise in creating natural-looking enhancements. The primary focus of Daisy Aesthetics is to augment the natural beauty of its patients through meticulous and professional procedures. The clinic's ethos revolves around helping patients feel like the best version of themselves, emphasizing a personalized approach to each individual's aesthetic goals.

The services offered at Daisy Aesthetics include anti-wrinkle injections and teeth whitening, both of which are highly sought after in the realm of cosmetic treatments. These procedures are designed to provide significant improvements while maintaining a natural appearance. The clinic's approach to anti-wrinkle treatments is particularly noteworthy, as they aim to deliver results that embody a subtle yet effective transformation. This commitment to natural beauty and avoidance of over-treatment sets Daisy Aesthetics apart in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Patient testimonials consistently highlight the exceptional outcomes and professional service provided at Daisy Aesthetics. Clients express satisfaction with the natural look achieved and commend the clinic for its thorough explanation of procedures, making them feel cared for and at ease. These testimonials underscore the clinic's reputation for delivering high-quality treatments and fostering a welcoming and reassuring environment. Daisy Aesthetics stands out as a premier destination for those seeking to enhance their appearance in a subtle, yet impactful manner, with a focus on individualized care and natural results.

A deeper dive into

What services does provide?

Daisy Aesthetics offers specialized non-surgical cosmetic treatments, focusing on enhancing natural beauty. The services include anti-wrinkle injections and teeth whitening, expertly administered by Dr. Dupinder Lall, a skilled Aesthetic Clinician and Dentist. These treatments are designed to provide natural-looking results, tailored to each individual's aesthetic goals.

What assurances does give about ensuring a high quality service or product?

Daisy Aesthetics assures high-quality service through the expertise of Dr. Dupinder Lall, who brings over a decade of experience in dentistry and aesthetics. The clinic's commitment to natural-looking results and personalized care, along with positive client testimonials, reflects their dedication to maintaining high standards in cosmetic treatments.

What social proof is there that have provided a quality service in the past? (e.g. testimonials)

The quality of service at Daisy Aesthetics is evidenced by numerous positive testimonials from clients. These reviews frequently praise the professional delivery of treatments, the natural-looking outcomes, and the attentive care provided, highlighting the clinic's reputation for excellence in aesthetic procedures.

Common questions asked about

How can I book a consultation at Daisy Aesthetics?

To book a consultation at Daisy Aesthetics, you can contact the clinic directly via the contact details provided on their website. They offer complimentary consultations, allowing you to discuss your aesthetic goals and treatment options with a professional.

What types of treatments are available at Daisy Aesthetics?

Daisy Aesthetics specializes in non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections and teeth whitening. These treatments are designed to enhance your natural beauty with a focus on achieving natural-looking results.

Is Daisy Aesthetics suitable for all skin types?

Daisy Aesthetics caters to a diverse range of clients. It's recommended to discuss your specific skin type and concerns during the consultation to ensure the treatments are suitable and tailored to your needs.

Can I see before and after photos of treatments done at Daisy Aesthetics?

While the website does not explicitly mention before and after photos, you can inquire during your consultation for any available examples of previous treatments. This can provide insight into the results you can expect.

What makes Daisy Aesthetics stand out in cosmetic treatments?

Daisy Aesthetics stands out due to the expertise of Dr. Dupinder Lall, the personalized approach to treatments, and the focus on achieving natural-looking results. The positive testimonials from clients further attest to the clinic's excellence in cosmetic care.

Some reasons to choose

Expertise in Non-Surgical Treatments

Daisy Aesthetics specializes in non-surgical cosmetic treatments, led by Dr. Dupinder Lall, a skilled Aesthetic Clinician and Dentist. This expertise ensures that clients receive professional and safe treatments, enhancing their natural beauty without the need for invasive procedures.

Focus on Natural-Looking Results

The clinic is committed to providing treatments that offer natural-looking results. This approach is particularly appreciated by clients seeking enhancements that do not drastically alter their appearance but subtly enhance their natural features.

Personalized Client Care

Daisy Aesthetics emphasizes personalized care, ensuring that each client's individual needs and aesthetic goals are met. This tailored approach contributes to the high satisfaction rate among clients and enhances the overall treatment experience.

Positive Client Testimonials

The clinic has received numerous positive testimonials from clients, highlighting the professional service, effective results, and the caring nature of the staff. These testimonials serve as social proof of the clinic's commitment to excellence in aesthetic treatments.

Convenient Location and Contact

Located in Rugby, Daisy Aesthetics is easily accessible to clients in the area. The clinic provides clear contact information and encourages potential clients to get in touch, making it convenient for individuals to arrange consultations and treatments.

Selected and consolidated information about

Company History:

Daisy Aesthetics was founded by Dr. Dupinder Lall, who has over a decade of experience as a practicing dentist at Dorset House Dental. Her journey in dental health and aesthetics led her to establish Daisy Aesthetics, focusing on facial profiles and physical and emotional wellness.

Certifications / Accreditations:

Daisy Aesthetics is accredited by Save Face, ensuring high standards of practice, knowledge, and training. The clinic meets rigorous standards for patient care, using licensed products and maintaining practice standards for safe treatments in a safe environment.

Business Hours:

Daisy Aesthetics is open for appointments from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Consultations can be arranged during these hours, or contact can be made anytime using the contact form.

Geographical Areas Covered:

Located at Dorset House, 9 Whitehall Rd, Rugby, CV21 3AE, Daisy Aesthetics serves clients in and around the Rugby area.
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+44 (0) 1788 543217  UK phone number
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Located in Rugby, Daisy Aesthetics is a renowned clinic focusing on non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Dupinder Lall, who brings her dual expertise as an Aesthetic Clinician and Dentist, the clinic excels in offering treatments like anti-wrinkle injections and teeth whitening. Emphasizing results that complement and enhance one's inherent beauty, Daisy Aesthetics has built a strong reputation, evidenced by glowing client feedback. The clinic's online presence is both inviting and informative, providing detailed insights into their services and easy ways to get in touch. Daisy Aesthetics stands out as a reliable and esteemed provider in the field of cosmetic treatments.
address  Company address
Dorset House
9 Whitehall Rd
Rugby CV21 3AE
United Kingdom
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