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Should you feed your wedding VIDEOGRAPHERS?

A question that is bound to cross the mind of every couple who have hired contractors for their wedding. Photographers, videographers, the evening entertainment – whoever it may be, should you provide them food? And if you do, how many meals?

Well worry no more, as you are about to read my insights as a Wedding Videographer, on what I believe the best approach to take is. Many wedding venues, such as Cooling Castle Barn will provide supplier meals. In this post will cover some whether you should purchase these options for your contractors and suppliers.

Never expected But ALWAYS appreciated

My opinion is that you should never feel obliged to feed your contractors. After all, it is your big day, you have plenty of guests to feed, and well… We know just how much each of these meals costs you!

We will always ask if a meal is going to be provided, simply to make our preparation easier. We never go to a wedding without food, expecting to be fed by you. If you say yes to a meal for us, we hugely appreciate it. Filming a wedding is a rather demanding task on our bodies and any fuel to keep the fire going is a bonus.

Plus getting to taste some of these exquisite dishes is great. Seeing those roast dinners glide on by the smell permeating our nose holes, it makes you hungry. Oh and don't get me started on desserts. As much as we never expect to be fed, let alone get a DESSERT, we simply can't help but feel a little bit of our soul die inside when the final platter of profiteroles wafts passes us.

Contractors with 'Requires Feeding' in their contract.

Don't worry folks, you won't see that on any of our contracts. We are aware that some contractors state a feeding requirement in their contract and some couples are happy to do this. However, the majority of photographers we have had the pleasure of working with seem to be just as grateful as us when they find out they are being fed.

Ok, we will feed you but how many meals?

As standard, we typically receive a main course meal. Starters are more rare, and desserts, a little more frequent. The holy trinity of starter, main and dessert has happened very few times (oh boy were we stuffed though!) Just a main is more than enough to keep us going. But if there are any desserts going spare, you can chuck them our way, we won't mind.

I want to feed you but things are already tight!

Honestly, it is fine. Just give us a heads up so we can come prepared with our own food, that is all we ask of you. We won't think any less of you if you don't or can't feed us. So enjoy your food and stop worrying.

Do I have to sit you at a table with other guests?

No not at all. We prefer it if we are sat in a room nearby or at the bar. This is a day for you and your guests, we don't need to be part of it in that sort of way. Being sat amongst guests is actually a rare occurrence.

We have some guests who have not turned up, do you want their meals?

One of the most heartfelt sentences was uttered to us by a toastmaster:

'The Bride has had a couple of guests not turn up, and she would like to know if you would like their meals'

As videographers, we are there to observe and capture your wedding. So to bethought of like that by the bride, it is a nice feeling. Did I mention this came with a dessert?! So yes we will happily accept any food that may be going. We want you to get your monies worth after all.

In conclusion: We operate under the guidance of not expected but always appreciated. If you have the capacity to feed your contractors, they will always appreciate it but please don't feel as if you have to feed them. This has been my insight as a videographer.

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Common questions asked about

1. What services does Talking Fly offer?

Answer: Talking Fly specializes in natural and unobtrusive wedding videography. They offer services such as cinematic trailers, feature length wedding films, documentary edits, aerial drone coverage, and full day coverage of up to 13 hours. They have a team of experienced camera operators and provide a relaxed and fly-on-the-wall approach to capturing your wedding day.

2. Where does Talking Fly provide their services?

Answer: Talking Fly is based in the South East of England and covers areas including London, Kent, Essex, and beyond. They are available to provide their wedding videography services throughout the entire UK.

3. How many camera operators are included in the service?

Answer: Talking Fly always provides a minimum of two camera operators for their wedding videography services. This allows them to create rich edits with a variety of camera perspectives, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your wedding day.

4. Does Talking Fly offer aerial drone coverage?

Answer: Yes, Talking Fly is CAA approved for aerial drone coverage. They can incorporate stunning aerial shots into your wedding video, adding a unique and cinematic touch to your memories.

5. What is the experience level of the Talking Fly team?

Answer: The Talking Fly team has over 8 years of experience in the wedding industry. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in capturing weddings and turning them into visual masterpieces. You can trust their friendly and professional team to document your special day with skill and creativity.
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