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We have extensive experience in delivering successful SEO campaigns in a range of industries for SMEs with a national or global reach. We also have experience training and mentoring companies to help them devise and implement their own in-house SEO programmes.Using our experience and guided by our tried and trusted SEO processes, we’ll develop an SEO approach that is right for your business. We love being part of the impact SEO can have on the growth of a business and helping our clients navigate the path to success.

Ditto Digital was founded on the belief of doing what is right for our clients, not what is easy for us. Forget what you think you know about SEO Agencies and Internet Marketing Companies Ditto Digital is different. Our mission is to deliver bespoke SEO consultancy services and online marketing solutions with a level of service that will continually surprise you. We provide honest, unbiased advice and proactive campaigns for all our clients.

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1. What is a Basic SEO Audit and why do I need it?

A Basic SEO Audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website's current SEO performance. It includes an evaluation of your website's technical aspects, on-page optimization, and off-page factors. This audit helps identify areas for improvement and provides recommendations to enhance your website's visibility in search engine results. It is essential because it helps you understand your website's strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make informed decisions to improve your SEO strategy and increase organic traffic.

2. How can a Bespoke SEO Campaign benefit my business?

A Bespoke SEO Campaign is tailored specifically to your business needs and goals. It involves a customized strategy that focuses on improving your website's visibility in search engine results for targeted keywords. This campaign can benefit your business by increasing organic traffic, improving search engine rankings, and driving qualified leads to your website. It helps establish your brand's online presence, enhances user experience, and ultimately boosts conversions and revenue.

3. What is a Technical SEO Audit and why is it important?

A Technical SEO Audit is an in-depth analysis of your website's technical aspects that impact its search engine visibility. It examines factors like website speed, mobile-friendliness, crawlability, indexability, and site architecture. This audit is crucial as it helps identify and fix technical issues that may hinder search engines from properly crawling and indexing your website. By addressing these issues, you can improve your website's overall performance, user experience, and search engine rankings.

4. How does Competitor Analysis contribute to my SEO strategy?

Competitor Analysis involves researching and analyzing your competitors' online presence, SEO strategies, and keyword targeting. It helps identify your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to gain insights and learn from their successes and failures. By understanding your competitors' strategies, you can refine your own SEO approach, identify untapped opportunities, and differentiate your business. Competitor Analysis helps you stay ahead in the competitive landscape, improve your website's visibility, and attract more targeted traffic.

5. What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and why is it important for SEO?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of improving your website's ability to convert visitors into customers or leads. It involves optimizing various elements on your website, such as landing pages, call-to-action buttons, forms, and user experience, to encourage desired actions. CRO is important for SEO because it maximizes the value of your organic traffic. By improving your website's conversion rate, you can generate more leads or sales from the same amount of traffic, ultimately increasing your return on investment (ROI) and boosting your overall SEO performance.

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Bespoke SEO Campaigns

The company offers customized SEO campaigns tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client. This ensures that the strategies implemented are highly targeted and effective in improving search engine rankings and driving organic traffic.

Technical SEO Audits

The company provides comprehensive technical SEO audits to identify and address any issues that may be hindering the website's performance in search engine results. This includes analyzing website structure, site speed, mobile-friendliness, and other technical aspects that impact SEO.

Competitor Analysis

The company conducts thorough competitor analysis to gain insights into the strategies and tactics used by competitors in the same industry. This information helps in identifying opportunities and developing strategies to outperform competitors in search engine rankings.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The company offers conversion rate optimization services to improve the effectiveness of the website in converting visitors into customers or leads. This involves analyzing user behavior, optimizing landing pages, and implementing strategies to enhance the overall user experience and increase conversions.

Website SEO

The company specializes in website SEO, focusing on optimizing various elements such as meta tags, headings, content, and internal linking structure. This helps in improving the website's visibility in search engine results and driving targeted organic traffic.
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