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The Lady Private Investigators Limited: a quality detective agency in Surrey

We are a 100% woman owned private investigations business. We believe we have a distinct advantage in this industry as few people expect a woman to be conducting investigations, especially those of a covert nature.TLPI Logo
We work for businesses, and both men and women private clients of course. We are not sexist, on the contrary, we celebrate diversity and use the differences between the sexes to our advantage, and in turn to your advantage. Clients who use our surveillance services tell us they feel more comfortable knowing a woman is following their loved one rather than a man. We often add men to our team when they have the best skills for the job and we partner with our male colleagues when they need a gentle professional female touch.

We believe that women give their organizations an advantage when it comes to accomplishing work goals. Women tend to think with their minds and their hearts and have strong communication skills that encourage collaborative work efforts. Women listen and share ideas. Their sensitivity, intuition and emotional intelligence enable them to see "the big picture" and they don"t usually get caught up in unhealthy forms of competition meaning team goals have optimal focus. Females are perceptive, intuitive and sensitive, often picking up on non-verbal cues, making them excellent problem solvers. A woman"s empathetic and sensitive nature helps her to uncover unspoken messages, making her a living sonar device great attributes for any investigation work.

Women and men with multi-dimensional skill sets have an advantage because they are interesting and versatile.

Click here to contact us now or give us a call to chat, You might prefer to email us ( to learn what is different about us. We are very friendly and we have been trained to actively listen.

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Telephone: 0800 688 9007 | Email: | Twitter @theladypi | Facebook: theladypi | LinkedIn: theladyPI

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UK (Reg'd in Battle, East Sussex) based business providing private investigator services. Website includes details of services provided, customer testimonials (via, blog, full contact details. reviewer
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