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The Quaint Allure of the Cotswold's Broadway

submitted on 6 June 2023 by
The Quaint Allure of the Cotswolds Broadway

A Quintessentially English Village

The exquisite village of Broadway, nestled within the idyllic Cotswold Hills, is a place that relentlessly seduces your soul with its quintessential English charm. As I ambled through its winding, honey-hued lanes, I felt as if I had plunged headfirst into a Merchant Ivory production - or perhaps a Jane Austen novel, with Mr. Darcy lurking just around the corner. The pervasive air of gentility is such that I soon found myself involuntarily raising my pinkie finger whilst sipping on a cup of Earl Grey a curious affliction I'd never before experienced, I assure you.

And What of the Inhabitants?

It is my understanding that the residents of Broadway have, for generations, jealously guarded the village's reputation as an enclave of well-heeled respectability. Indeed, I was informed by the impeccably mannered proprietor of the local teashop that the village was once home to an artist's colony of the highest caliber, boasting such illustrious members as Sir Edward Elgar, J.M. Barrie, and John Singer Sargent. Rumour has it that even the notorious libertine, Oscar Wilde, was known to frequent the village, lodging at the Lygon Arms under an assumed name no doubt to escape the prying eyes of the London press. A place capable of attracting such a distinguished roster of creative talent, I reasoned, must surely be worthy of further exploration.

A Stroll Down the High Street

My saunter down the High Street, past a delightful array of independent boutiques, antique emporiums, and award-winning delicatessens, quickly confirmed what I already suspected: Broadway is a place that takes the business of leisure very seriously indeed. In this village, I observed, time slows to a civilised crawl, allowing one to fully savour the simple pleasures of life: a leisurely game of cricket on the village green, a bracing ramble through the surrounding countryside, or a spot of cream tea at the aforementioned teashop (I highly recommend the scones).

A Meander Through the Great Outdoors

But for those who prefer their leisure pursuits to involve a modicum of physical exertion, the village is ideally situated for exploring the wider Cotswolds. Having been reliably informed that the Cotswold Way, a 102-mile walking route that traverses the entire length of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, passes directly through Broadway, I decided to abandon the confines of the village, don my trusty walking boots, and set off on an impromptu ramble. As I strode through the verdant fields, I was struck by the sheer beauty of the landscape, with its gently undulating hills, ancient beech woodlands, and charming dry stone walls. But it was not just the scenery that captivated me; I was equally charmed by the parade of curious wildlife that crossed my path: from the plump, red-breasted robins that cheerfully serenaded me from the branches overhead, to the furtive hedgehogs that scurried through the undergrowth at my approach.

A Return to Civilization

Having trekked an adequate distance to satisfy my appetite for the great outdoors, I made my way back to the village, where I had been reliably informed that an evening of refined entertainment awaited me. And so, after a hearty meal of local fare (Cotswold lamb with a side of buttered asparagus, washed down with a pint of the local ale), I began to unwind in the sumptuous surroundings of the Lygon Arms, that venerable institution which had once played host to the aforementioned Wilde, along with a veritable who's who of British high society. As the evening wore on, and the conversation amongst my fellow guests grew increasingly animated, I couldn't help but feel a certain sense of contentment. For here, in the heart of the Cotswolds, I had discovered a place that embodied the very essence of Englishness: a place where civility, good taste, and a penchant for the finer things in life reigned supreme.

In Conclusion, Dear Traveler

So, if you find yourself in need of an antidote to the relentless pace of modern life, do consider making a pilgrimage to the tranquil haven that is Broadway. For in this most quintessentially English of villages, I am confident that you too will succumb to the quaint allure of the Cotswolds pinkie finger and all.
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