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Train to become driving instructor


Change your career and train to become a driving instructor. Work the days and times that suit you, we provide all training to help you become a driving instructor. Call now 0800 1 777 149 from just 40 per hour

Driver Training Ltd are ORDIT registered Driving instructor training providers, this means that we are recommended by the DVSA!
We have a range of courses that allow you to train around your current job to become your own boss and earn between 25-35 per hour.
Call free on 0800 1 777 149

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Common questions asked about

1. What training materials are available for aspiring driving instructors?

Our website offers a wide range of training materials for individuals who want to become driving instructors. We have ADI standards check books, driving lesson progress books, ADI part 3 books, and more. These resources are designed to help you prepare for your training and improve your teaching skills. Whether you need guidance on lesson planning or understanding the standards check test, our training materials can provide valuable support throughout your journey.

2. How can I share the cost of training to become a driving instructor?

We understand that training to become a driving instructor can be a significant financial commitment. To help ease the burden, we offer cost-sharing options. You can join our training program with other aspiring instructors and split the costs. This allows you to access high-quality training at a more affordable price. Additionally, we provide flexible payment plans to accommodate different budgets. Contact us for more information on our cost-sharing options and payment plans.

3. What support do you provide for the ADI standards check?

Preparing for the ADI standards check can be challenging, but we are here to support you every step of the way. Our website offers training videos, check test training, and ADI standards check test marking sheets. These resources will help you understand the requirements of the standards check and improve your performance. We also provide guidance on lesson planning and offer mock test sheets to help you practice and prepare effectively. With our comprehensive support, you can feel confident and prepared for the ADI standards check.

4. Do you offer automatic driving instructor training?

Yes, we offer training for individuals who want to become automatic driving instructors. Our program covers all the necessary skills and knowledge required to teach automatic driving lessons effectively. Whether you prefer manual or automatic instruction, we can provide tailored training to suit your needs. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process and help you become a competent and confident automatic driving instructor. Contact us to learn more about our automatic driving instructor training program.

5. What resources are available for learning to drive?

In addition to our training materials for aspiring driving instructors, we also offer resources for individuals who want to learn how to drive. We have learning to drive books for the year 2023, which cover the essential knowledge and skills needed for safe and responsible driving. These books are suitable for both learner drivers and those preparing for their driving tests. Additionally, we provide driving lessons pupil progress books and driving instructor pupils progress books to track and monitor your progress during your driving lessons.

Some reasons to choose

Share the cost

The company offers a unique opportunity for aspiring driving instructors to share the cost of their training. This means that individuals can split the expenses with others, making it more affordable and accessible for those on a budget.


One of the selling points of this company is that they offer training specifically for automatic driving instructors. This specialization allows individuals to focus on this specific area of instruction, catering to the growing demand for automatic driving lessons.

Training Videos

The company provides a comprehensive library of training videos that cover various aspects of becoming a driving instructor. These videos serve as valuable resources for individuals to enhance their knowledge and skills, offering practical demonstrations and guidance.


This company offers specific training and support for the ADI Standards Check, which is a crucial assessment for driving instructors. They provide comprehensive guidance and resources to help instructors prepare for and pass this important evaluation.

Lesson planning

The company emphasizes the importance of effective lesson planning for driving instructors. They provide training and resources to help instructors develop well-structured and engaging lesson plans, ensuring that their students receive high-quality instruction.
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