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Travel Wayfinding

Wayfinding and navigation are central to design in just about every environment we must move through. Hospitals, airports, tourist destinations or for the purpose of commuting. We are a portal that looks at every aspect of wayfinding and the considerations and aspects of design and planning in this area of expertise.

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We cover these specific areas for stakeholders involved with helping users navigate their environments. You may be an airport manager, tourist attraction owner, health care building designer. We offer the following areas of expertise for you:

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Common questions asked about

1. What is wayfinding and why is it important?

Wayfinding is the process of navigating and finding one's way through a given space. It involves both cognitive and physical aspects, such as locating, following, and discovering routes. Wayfinding is important because it ensures effective and efficient navigation for users, whether in large buildings, attractions, sports stadiums, hospitals, or other spaces. It contributes to safety, good user experience, and commercial viability of these routes.

2. What courses do you offer for wayfinding?

We offer wayfinding training courses that cover various aspects, including DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and accessibility planning, as well as signage design for navigation. Our courses are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in wayfinding, suitable for professionals managing or working in different environments such as buildings, attractions, sports stadiums, museums, hospitals, cruise ships, ferries, and university campuses.

3. How can colour coding signage improve navigation?

Colour coding signage is an effective way to enhance the wayfinding experience and navigation in travel and tourism spaces. By using different colours for different routes or areas, users can easily identify and follow the desired path. Colour coding provides visual cues and reduces confusion, making it easier for people to navigate and find their way. It is a simple yet powerful wayfinding technique that improves user experience and overall satisfaction.

4. How can arrows on signage improve wayfinding?

Arrows on signage play a crucial role in wayfinding design. They provide clear directional guidance, indicating the correct path or route to follow. By incorporating arrows into signage, designers can effectively communicate navigation instructions to users. Arrows help users make informed decisions and avoid confusion, especially in complex or unfamiliar environments. They are an essential element of wayfinding design, ensuring smooth and efficient navigation for individuals.

5. How can wayfinding improve the user experience at airports?

Wayfinding plays a significant role in enhancing the user experience at airports. By creating a clear and intuitive wayfinding system, airports can help passengers navigate through terminals, gates, and other facilities with ease. This reduces stress, saves time, and improves overall satisfaction. Additionally, incorporating a heritage narrative into the airport wayfinding experience adds a unique touch, providing users with a sense of place and cultural context. Wayfinding design at airports focuses on ensuring a seamless journey for travelers, from arrival to departure.

Some reasons to choose

Wayfinding Training Courses

The company offers wayfinding training courses that cover topics such as DDA and accessibility planning, signage design, and navigation. These courses provide valuable knowledge and skills for individuals working in various industries, including large buildings, attractions, sports stadiums, museums, hospitals, cruise ships, ferries, and university campuses.

Online Guides and Courses

On their website, the company provides wayfinding knowledge and guides, as well as online courses. These resources are accessible to anyone interested in improving their understanding of wayfinding and its importance in creating safe and efficient routes for users.

Colour Coding Signage for Easier Navigation

One of the topics covered in their guides is the use of colour coding signage for easier navigation. They explain how different colours can be used to enhance the wayfinding experience and help users navigate through travel and tourism spaces more effectively.

Designing and Using Arrows on Signage

The company also offers insights on designing and using arrows on signage for wayfinding purposes. They provide guidance on how to incorporate arrows into signage design to assist users in navigating their surroundings and reaching their destinations.

Creating a Heritage Narrative for Airport Users

For airport wayfinding, the company emphasizes the importance of creating a heritage narrative for the user experience. They highlight the value of incorporating elements of the airport's history and culture into the wayfinding design, enhancing the overall experience for travelers.
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