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Web Design May Affect Conversion Rates

submitted on 22 January 2021
The conversion rate refers to the percentage of people who visited your website and decided to purchase the products and services you offer. It's not enough that you convince people to visit your website. The ultimate goal is to convert them into paying customers. Different factors affect their decision to purchase from the company. One of them is web design. Even if you successfully asked them to visit your page, itís not enough. If the web design is terrible, it could turn off potential buyers. Instead of purchasing items, they decide to close the page and look for other options.

Easy to navigate
The first aspect of web design to consider is the ease of navigation. No one wants to visit the page that's too difficult to explore. People want to immediately find the information they're looking for. If the tabs look disorganised and the links are confusing, no one will stay on the website. Most users will leave the page and look for a different company with an easy to explore website.

Quick loading speed
Another aspect of web design is loading speed. You mustn't ask your target customers to wait for a long time before they can open the website. Otherwise, they will feel impatient and decide to leave the page right away. The average speed should be about two seconds. If it goes beyond that time, you can't expect people to stay. It's also important to have a website that can open quickly on mobile devices. Since most people do their transactions through their mobile devices, your website should function well. You will lose tons of potential customers if your website doesnít easily load in mobile phones.

Important elements
Try to analyse the content of your website. There might be some changes needed to attract more attention. The problem with most websites is that they focus too much on selling the products and services. Not everyone who visits the page will decide to immediately buy something. Some of them might wait for a while before deciding to spend money. They visit the page to obtain information and learn more about the products. Avoid focusing too much on selling to other people since you might turn them off. You also give them no reason to come back to your page.

We also have to reconsider the pictures, fonts, animations, and videos used. If you want to appeal to your target audiences, these elements should be enticing to them. For instance, the colours used on the website should match the personality of the target group. Using dark or neutral colours on the website when youíre selling products to children might not be a good idea.

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