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What Is a Hydraulic Power Pack and Why Are They Essential?

submitted on 3 January 2020
Hydraulic machines are used in a variety of applications such as construction equipment, factory machinery, automobiles, aircraft component, and marine vessels. The principle of hydraulics is simple, yet a very useful source of power that is not only cost effective but also reliable. There is no wonder why these machines continue to exist despite the availability of other similar, more sophisticated techniques.

Another desirable feature of a hydraulic machine is that it can be made portable or mobile using hydraulic power packs. Instead of connecting the equipment to a primary power source, a portable power unit supplies the energy needed by the device to function.

What is a hydraulic power pack?
In a nutshell, a hydraulic power pack is self-contained and is used to replace an integrated power supply. The working principle relies on using pressurised fluid displacement to transmit power from one place to another. The purpose of these power units is portability and mobility. These are quite essential when machines need to function away from a primary power source.

Composition and appearance
Although these power units can range in design and size, a common characteristic is that each unit is reasonably portable and easy to maintain. There are models which are compact and lightweight. Every hydraulic power unit has the following main components:
  • Pump
  • Motor
  • Regulators
  • Tank or reservoir
  • Relief line
  • Supply line
The complexity of the design depends on the intended application. Some units may need reinforced sealing to prevent airborne contaminants from damaging the internal components.

Purpose and function of hydraulic power units
The control valve is responsible for delivering power to the coupled device. The more pipes there are in the unit, the more power it produces. As such, a more powerful unit can be used to provide energy for different types of machines. There are endless examples of devices which can benefit from using a portable power pack. For example, any equipment that regularly lifts objects like a bulldozer is likely going to need a hydraulic power unit to work.

Proper maintenance
Like any piece of equipment, these devices also need regular maintenance for optimum performance. Maintenance is also critical to ensure safety, especially for the operator. A power pack that is always in excellent working condition is also more likely to last a long time.

Regular maintenance means you need to check the tubes, valves, and other components for damage. It is also vital to check for leaks and other signs of wear and tear. Before you subject the unit to high pressure and other rigorous working conditions, make sure that an expert inspects the device to avoid untimely breakdowns.

Choosing a power pack
Suppliers and manufacturers classify units according to capacity and size. While some specifications are straightforward, it may be necessary to inform the supplier of unique factors that may affect the equipment, especially when the working environment is considered hazardous. Some suppliers can customise a power unit depending on the requirements of the application. Other suppliers also include maintenance as part of their after-sales service.


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