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RSJ International Freight Services are a UK born company who now provide freight solutions for businesses worldwide.

RSJ's focus is on large scale freight shipments and cargo including moving oil and gas rigs, vehicles, equipment for major events and container freight. We deal with inter-modal freight solutions including with the use of air, sea and land freight to countries in all corners of the world.

With head offices in Bristol, England and Treforest, South Wales, UK, RSJ have over 15 years experience in freight management and forwarding and have worked with a wide range of companies and products. In recent years China, India and Singapore have been major markets for RSJ.

Why Use a Freight Forwarder

A freightbroker
1. Freight brokers help you to identify the right freight company – Sometimesshippers will not know the best freighting company for their needs and willrequire someone with a better understanding of the industry to guide them. Thisis where the freight broker will be able to guide the customer. They will alsobe able to advise customers on the best route to take and whether to switchcompanies mid way.

2. Freight brokers help you with documentation – Exporters interested in Freight Logistics will find that there are many documents and forms to be filled in and duly submitted before an item or a consignment can be shipped. This is especially true with overseas consignments, where details like immigration and customs clearance must be taken care of before the goods can reach their destination.The freight broker has a lot of experience in this field and will help you complete all the documentation required accurately.

3. Freight brokers will help you choose the best transport mode –Depending on the kind of consignment that is to be shipped, the freight broker will advise clients on the best mode of transport to take. Clients will be advised whether to stick with one carrier or switch between carriers so that the consignment reaches safely and in the most cost effective manner.

4. Freight brokers help in cutting costs – When directly approaching a shipping company a new exporter may not know how to pick the cheapest and most viable transport option for a consignment. By using a freight broker, you will be able to make this decision based on the in-depth knowledge of your broker who may also be privy to some exclusive deals.

5. Freight brokers will help advise you on storage and maintenance –When shipping larger goods like industrial machinery and equipment, exporters will have to arrange for them to be stored for a while before they can be shipped to their destination. This equipment will also have to be put into a warehouse for a while at the destination town or city before reaching the end user. Freight Brokers will have the contacts necessary to ensure the safe storage of the goods and will be able to advise you on the cheapest mode of storage.

How To Contact RSJ

You can contact RSJ via the following:

RSJ International Freight Services Limited
Unit 16, Londonderry Farm
Keynsham Road
Willsbridge, Bristol
U.K. BS30 6EL

A deeper dive into

Common questions asked about

1. What types of freight services does RSJ International offer?

RSJ International offers a wide range of freight services including air, ocean, road, and courier services. Whether you need to ship cargo locally within the UK or internationally, RSJ International has the capabilities to handle your freight requirements. They have offices in the South West of England and Wales, as well as partners in the USA, China, Far East, Australasia, and Mainland Europe. With representation in major cities worldwide, RSJ International can provide comprehensive freight solutions.

2. Where does RSJ International have offices and representation?

RSJ International has offices in the South West of England (Bristol) and Wales (Cardiff). They also have partners in the USA with representation in 48 cities, including major gateways. In China, RSJ International's partners have offices in 14 major cities. Additionally, they have representation throughout the Far East, Australasia, and Mainland Europe. With a global network, RSJ International can facilitate freight services to and from various locations worldwide.

3. Can RSJ International handle both imports and exports?

Yes, RSJ International can handle both imports and exports globally. Whether you need to bring cargo into the UK or ship products out of the country, RSJ International has the expertise and resources to assist you. They are represented at major airports and seaports in the UK and abroad, making them well-equipped to handle international trade and logistics.

4. What services does RSJ International offer for businesses based in Bristol, the South West, and South Wales?

For businesses operating in Bristol, the South West, and South Wales, RSJ International offers a comprehensive range of international and UK shipping services. This includes imports, exports, and domestic freight and courier services. Whether you need to move cargo within the UK or globally, RSJ International can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

5. How can RSJ International assist with starting an export business?

RSJ International can provide valuable support and guidance for those looking to start an export business. With their expertise in international freight forwarding and shipping, they can help navigate the complexities of exporting products. From logistics planning to customs documentation, RSJ International can ensure a smooth and efficient export process. Their global network and partnerships also provide access to various markets, making them an ideal partner for expanding businesses.
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