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At Serimax Field Joint Coating (SFJC) we are a provider of advanced field joint coating services and systems to both onshore and offshore pipeline contractors.

SFJC understands the needs of the industry well and provides innovative equipment and technology solutions to meet the demands of today’s challenging environment. The business has designed and developed new and advanced concepts for surface preparation (abrasive blasting), induction heating and field joint coating.

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Common questions asked about

1. What services does Serimax provide?

Serimax offers a range of welding solutions, including orbital and manual welding, integrity management, pipe-end inspection, and digital services. These services are designed to improve operational efficiency and meet industry requirements in the energy sector.

2. How does Serimax ensure quality in their welding solutions?

Serimax has a strong focus on research and development, investing heavily in their Center of Expertise. This allows them to address the needs of low-carbon and renewable industries and deliver industry-leading technologies. Additionally, Serimax has stringent criteria for welds in highly corrosive environments, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

3. Where does Serimax operate?

Serimax operates in over 130 countries with 12 fixed locations worldwide. They have a global presence and are able to provide their welding solutions and services to clients around the world.

4. How many projects does Serimax handle each year?

Serimax handles over 70 projects worldwide in orbital welding every year. They have extensive experience in this field and have a proven track record of delivering successful projects.

5. How much pipeline does Serimax work on annually?

Serimax works on more than 3,000 km of pipeline every year. This demonstrates their expertise and capability in handling large-scale projects in the energy sector. They also specialize in delivering CRA/CLAD welds in highly corrosive environments, ensuring the durability and integrity of the pipelines.

Some reasons to choose

Expertise in Welding Solutions

Serimax offers orbital and manual welding solutions, providing expertise in integrity management, pipe-end inspection, and field-proven digital services. Their solutions improve operational efficiency while meeting the most stringent industry requirements.

High Investment in Research and Development

Serimax invests heavily in research and development through their Center of Expertise. This allows them to stay at the forefront of welding technology and continuously improve their solutions to address the evolving needs of the industry.

Global Presence

Serimax operates in over 130 countries with 12 fixed locations worldwide. This extensive global presence enables them to effectively serve clients and execute projects on a global scale.

Extensive Experience in Orbital Welding

With over 70 projects worldwide in orbital welding every year, Serimax has a wealth of experience in this specialized welding technique. Their expertise in orbital welding ensures high-quality and precise welds for pipeline projects.

Delivering High-Quality Welds in Corrosive Environments

Serimax delivers over 12,000 CRA/CLAD welds every year, meeting stringent criteria in highly corrosive environments. Their ability to consistently deliver high-quality welds in challenging conditions showcases their expertise and reliability.
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UK (Blackburn, Lancashire) based business providing joint coating services for piping contractors. Website includes details of products and services provided, full contact details. reviewer
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