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Singers in Disguise, The most exciting National Singing Waiters who will make your wedding amazing and the talk of the town

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Singers in Disguise Singing Waiters Video Testimonial

published on 4 November 2020 by

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1. What services do Singers in Disguise provide?

Singers in Disguise offers a unique entertainment experience with their singing waiters. These talented performers disguise themselves as waitstaff and surprise guests with their incredible vocal performances. They specialize in providing entertainment for corporate events, weddings, and New Year's Eve parties.

2. How can Singers in Disguise enhance my corporate event?

By hiring Singers in Disguise for your corporate event, you can create a memorable and entertaining experience for your guests. Their singing waiters will blend in with the real waitstaff, and when the time is right, they will surprise everyone with their amazing singing talents. This unexpected entertainment will leave a lasting impression on your attendees and make your event truly unique.

3. Are Singers in Disguise available for New Year's Eve parties?

Yes, Singers in Disguise are available to provide entertainment for New Year's Eve parties. Their singing waiters will add a touch of excitement and surprise to your celebration. Whether you are hosting a private party or a larger event, their talented performers will ensure that your guests have a fantastic time ringing in the new year.

4. How can Singers in Disguise make my wedding more memorable?

Having Singers in Disguise at your wedding can elevate the entertainment factor and create unforgettable moments for you and your guests. Their singing waiters will entertain your attendees with their incredible voices, leaving them amazed and delighted. This unique form of wedding entertainment will make your special day even more memorable and ensure that your guests have a fantastic time.

5. Can I see examples of Singers in Disguise performances?

Yes, Singers in Disguise provides a gallery on their website where you can view examples of their performances. This will give you a glimpse into the talent and entertainment they bring to events. Additionally, you can read customer testimonials on their website to see the positive experiences others have had with Singers in Disguise at their events.

Some reasons to choose

Singing Waiters as Corporate Event Entertainment

This company offers singing waiters as corporate event entertainment, providing a unique and memorable experience for attendees. The singing waiters can surprise and entertain guests with their incredible vocal performances, adding a touch of excitement and fun to any corporate event.

Singing Waiters as New Years Eve Entertainment

For those looking to make their New Year's Eve celebration extra special, this company offers singing waiters as entertainment. The talented performers can create a lively and festive atmosphere, ensuring that guests have a memorable and enjoyable start to the new year.

Singing Waiters for Weddings

When it comes to weddings, this company offers singing waiters to enhance the overall experience. The singing waiters can surprise the bride and groom, as well as the guests, with their beautiful voices and engaging performances. They can create a romantic and enchanting ambiance, making the wedding day even more magical.


This company provides a gallery section on their website, allowing potential customers to view photos and videos of their singing waiters in action. This gives clients a visual representation of the quality and professionalism of the performers, helping them make an informed decision when booking their services.

Customer Testimonials

Prospective clients can find customer testimonials on this company's website, showcasing the positive experiences of previous customers. These testimonials serve as social proof, reassuring potential clients of the company's reliability, talent, and ability to deliver an exceptional singing waiter experience.


This company maintains a blog section on their website, providing valuable information and tips related to weddings and events. The blog posts cover various topics, such as how to plan a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic and why having wedding entertainment is important. This resourceful blog helps clients navigate through the event planning process and make informed decisions.

How to plan a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic

This company offers a helpful blog post on their website, guiding couples on how to plan a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic. The post provides valuable insights, tips, and considerations to ensure a safe and successful wedding celebration amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Why You Should Totally Consider Having Wedding Entertainment

In one of their blog posts, this company highlights the importance of having wedding entertainment. They explain how wedding entertainment, such as singing waiters, can elevate the overall atmosphere, create lasting memories, and keep guests entertained throughout the event. This post aims to convince couples to consider adding entertainment to their wedding plans.

What about Weddings

This company addresses common questions and concerns related to weddings in one of their blog posts titled 'What about Weddings.' They provide informative answers and insights, helping couples navigate through the wedding planning process and make informed decisions about various aspects, including entertainment options like singing waiters.
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