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The Timeshare Consumer Association

The Timeshare Consumer Association assist timeshare owners in all matters concerning timeshare including acquisitions, purchases, sales and exits as well as legal matters in respect to consumer purchase, sales, maintenance and ownership. Whether you're looking for advice on how to get out of a timeshare, are considering purchasing one and are looking for further information or have been the victim of a timeshare scam and are looking for support and assistance The Timeshare Consumer Association offer friendly independent advice from industry experts.

The Timeshare Consumer Association collate information and pass this on to consumers to enhance their knowledge so as to assist they consideration and deliberation in all aspects of timeshare ownership. Their aim is to ensure that all those who contact them are offered the advice, support and assistance they need to either make their own informed decision about a purchase or, in the event of problems, are able to put together an in-depth exit strategy to get out of the timeshare.

Whilst timeshare is fraught with bad practices, scams, fraud and unscrupulous traders which often results in a tarnished image for many genuine resorts and a generally poor resale value across the board, The Timeshare Consumer Association will at all times uphold and preserve integrity and promote honest and open practices in the industry and on behalf of Consumers.

If you're looking for advice on everything from timeshare scams through to timeshare compensation claims, why not visit or give them a call today on 01253 299753?

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Common questions asked about

1. What services does the Timeshare Consumer Association provide?

The Timeshare Consumer Association offers friendly advice and support to individuals involved in timeshare ownership. They provide information on various topics such as timeshare exchanges, fractional ownership, holiday clubs, and trade bodies. Additionally, they help consumers navigate through timeshare-related jargon and offer feedback and press updates.

2. How long has the Timeshare Consumer Association been operating?

The Timeshare Consumer Association has been providing timeshare advice since 1997. With over two decades of experience, they have established themselves as a reliable source of information for timeshare owners.

3. Can the Timeshare Consumer Association assist with resolving issues related to fraudulent timeshare companies?

Yes, the Timeshare Consumer Association can help individuals who have fallen victim to fraudulent timeshare companies. They provide updates on fraudulent companies and offer guidance on how to deal with such situations. By staying informed and offering support, they aim to protect consumers from scams and unethical practices.

4. Does the Timeshare Consumer Association provide information on timeshare ownership in specific locations?

Yes, the Timeshare Consumer Association provides information on timeshare ownership in various locations, including the USA. They offer insights into specific developments, such as Disney Vacation Club, and highlight potential issues or scams that may arise in those areas.

5. How can I contribute to the Timeshare Consumer Association?

If you would like to support the Timeshare Consumer Association, you can donate to their cause. Donations help them continue providing valuable advice and support to timeshare owners. You can find more information on how to donate on their website.

Some reasons to choose

Benefit 1: Friendly Timeshare Advice

The company has been providing friendly timeshare advice since 1997, helping individuals navigate the complexities of timeshare ownership and find solutions to their problems.

Benefit 2: Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

The company has received positive testimonials from various customers, such as Andrew and Wendy Wilkinson, Mairin Lawton, Janet Cross, Chris Hamley, and Deborah and Jean Davis. These testimonials highlight the company's effectiveness in resolving timeshare issues and the gratitude expressed by customers for the assistance provided.

Benefit 3: Successful Resolution of Timeshare Issues

The company has successfully resolved a harrowing timeshare issue within a year, providing a fantastic positive result for the customers. The customers express their gratitude to the company, particularly to Daniel, for his help and guidance in resolving the matter.

Benefit 4: Personalized Assistance

The company offers personalized assistance to customers, as demonstrated by the testimonial from Andrew and Wendy. They express their appreciation for Daniel's intervention, stating that without his help, they believe the issue would have never been resolved. This personalized approach ensures that customers feel supported and valued throughout the process.

Benefit 5: Long-standing Experience in the Industry

The company has been operating since 1997, indicating their long-standing experience in the timeshare industry. This experience allows them to provide knowledgeable and reliable advice to customers, helping them make informed decisions regarding their timeshare ownership.
UK (Blackpool) based business providing information and advice for timeshare property owners, or those considering becoming timeshare property owners. Website includes details of services provided, articles, news section, terms and conditions, full contact details. reviewer
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